Harrogate Informer partners with BBC to develop local news readership

5 April 2016

BBC Local Live Streams is about working with local news publishers to provide relevant news to readers.

The Harrogate Informer is the only news service in Harrogate to be partnering with the BBC to promote local news as part of the live streams rollout.

Local news services can operate at a hyper-local level, generating news at a level  that the BBC may not be able to.  A local news publisher may also have also have a new angle or local quotes on a developing news story, providing useful content to readers that have been browsing the BBC’s news pages.

The BBC has recognised the value in signposting its readers onto other content and maintaining their interest. Live Streams has rolled out in a number of regions in the UK and this will now roll out in North Yorkshire by the end of April.

To the reader it will mean that they are offered a greater depth of news and to a publisher it means they are likely to develop more traffic. Readers can peruse the BBC Local Live stream feed and regional BBC news pages they will also see an image, link and snippet to other news items on partnering websites.

The Editor of the Harrogate Informer, Tim Cook said:

This is an exciting development for local news and signals a strong will by the BBC to partner with smaller news platforms. This comes with it benefit to the BBC, the local news platforms and to the reader.

Local news can be a tough area to be in. It’s an evolving environment and you really need to keep looking at ways of connecting with the reader.

We are also very proud to be the only news platform in Harrogate to be working with the BBC in this way.



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