Cake and bake sale sweetens fund raising efforts for Olivia

2 April 2016

A cake and bake sale has raised £505.40 for much needed funds to allow a family to travel to an international conference on Bloom Syndrome.

It was held in the Herriots Restaurant at Harrogate Hospital on 1 April 2016.

Bloom syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder that effects 150 worldwide with only 3 reported cases in the UK.

The condition characterised by short stature and a much greater likelihood of developing cancers tumours. There are many other medical effects of the syndrome, some debilitating and painfull.

Olivia from Harrogate is aged 7 and has Bloom Syndrome. Olivia lives with her mum Leza Kelly, Dad, James Wightman and her older brother, George who is aged 10.

Leza Kelly is now crowd-funding to allow her family to fly to America to a Bloom Syndrome Association conference. This will be the first time that Olivia will have met anyone with the same condition and will help provide valuable support advice for the whole family.

To support the campaign

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Oliva, (centre right) with her family at the cake and bake sale
Oliva, (centre right) with her family at the cake and bake sale

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