Goldberg, Splodge, Bloodvessel, the Bilton Working Men’s Club big night

26 March 2016

The Bilton Working Men’s Club has kicked-off the Easter Break in a big way with a huge evening of ska music. (24 March 2016).

The evening featured local musician Matt Goldberg, Max Splodge and Bad Manners, featuring Buster Bloodvessel.

Matt is well known by many on the local scene and opened the night, albeit much later than it should have started. The doors of the main room in the club were due to open at 7pm, but was delayed until 9:30pm.

Due to a massive miscalculation or some could say massive level of inconsideration, Bad Manners arrived two hours late. This kept fans waiting in the main bar area of the club. With a capacity audience of 3oo this was not a great start to the evneing. Not the fault of the club of course, but the doors couldn’t be opened until the band had arrived and completed a sound check.

First-up was Matt Goldberg, playing solo rather than with the MG Band. With Matt on vocals and ukulele it was well received. He is  regular visitor to the club and always popular.

Matt Goldbergh Harrogate
Matt Goldberg opening the night

Next up was Max Splodge, opening their set with Nellie the Elephant (originally by the toy dolls). Max is more at the punk end of ska music an played with the Bad Manners band as support.

Max finished with Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps, a top 10 hit from 1980. By this time the floor was full and the party was picking up. All had apparently been forgiven for the late start.

Max Splodge
Max Splodge of Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps fame

Finishing the night was Mad Manners, featuring Buster Bloodvessel, on their 40th anniversary tour.

The crowd loved them and it was great to see the crowd join in. Buster Bloodvessel still remains the personality that he has been all these years.

Buster Bloodvessel’s legendary tongue
Capacity crowd at Bilton Working Mens Club

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