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Brexit campaigners stage action day in Knaresborough this weekend

29 February 2016

Anti EU campaigners will be staging an action day in Knaresborough this weekend.

The event, being staged by GRASSROOTSOUT – GO, is being centred around the market place this Saturday and begins at 10am.

  • Saturday, 5 March 2015 – Knaresborough Market Place

Organiser Andrew Dennis said:

Now the referendum starting gun has been fired, our campaign has well and truly begun.

This Saturday we will be taking our message to Knaresborough where will be handing out leaflets and speaking to anyone and everyone why we believe Britain is better off outside the EU and not within.

23 June 2016, the date of the referendum, is the most important date for decades in our nation’s history.

It is our ‘independence day’ and one where we hope the British people will return sovereignty to these shores and give us control back of our borders and laws making.

Two weeks ago we held a very well attended public meeting in Harrogate where we heard from UKIP Scottish MEP David Coburn.

Over the coming months we will be welcoming speakers from every political hue, including Conservative MP Philip Davies and UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

For further information, please email Andrew Dennis at go.harrogateknaresborough@gmail.com

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