Council welcome decision to postpone new town centre parking charges in Harrogate

9 February 2016

Harrogate Borough Council has welcomed North Yorkshire County Council’s decision to postpone the introduction of on-street parking charges on Sundays and evenings in Harrogate town centre.

Last year, the county council conducted a public consultation on proposals to ensure that premium on-street parking spaces are available for short-stay shoppers on Sundays and night-time visitors throughout the week.

Plans included extending the current charging arrangements, which apply Mondays to Saturdays 8am to 6pm, to include Sundays, and introducing a fixed evening parking charge of £2 on all days between 6pm and midnight.

Following widespread consultation the county council amended its proposals to shorten the time on Sundays when daytime charges would be applied to correspond more closely with trading hours. The amended proposals were presented to the Harrogate area committee on 19 November 2015 for comment.

North Yorkshire County Council say they have listened to local opinion, particularly local businesses, and has decided not to go ahead immediately with the introduction of parking charges until all parking tariffs in the town have been reviewed, both on and off-street.

Councillor Rebecca Burnett, Harrogate Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainable Transport, said:

North Yorkshire County Council’s decision to postpone their decision on parking charges in Harrogate town centre is great news.

We have held lengthy discussions with the county council, which have proved to be extremely productive. We are pleased that they have taken on board the comments which were made through the public consultation and that they have listened to the opinions of local councillors, residents and businesses.

As a consequence they have taken the proposals for new charges off the table until a comprehensive review of parking in the town has taken place.

We need to ensure that Harrogate town centre’s parking arrangements are suitable for residents, visitors and the town centre’s businesses.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the county council, to introduce parking arrangements which are fair for everyone and which will have a positive impact upon the local economy.

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