The Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, David Jones with Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner
The Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, David Jones with Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner

Chief Constable’s appointment extended for a further 3 years

13 January 2016

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, has today (13 January 2016) extended the Term of Appointment of Chief Constable Dave Jones for a further three years.

Mr Jones was originally appointed to the office of Chief Constable for a fixed term period ending 3 June 2017.  He has now accepted an extension of three years and will continue in post until 3 June 2020.

The appointment of the Chief Constable is one of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s statutory responsibilities, and Julia Mulligan will present her decision to the Police and Crime Panel on 14 January 2016.


Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said:

Dave Jones has shown himself to be a successful leader, overseeing positive performance at a time of considerable uncertainty and change within policing. Indeed, since I made his appointment in June 2013, North Yorkshire has remained one of the top three safest places in the country as is, in fact, currently the safest place in England.  This is despite significant increases in crime among many of our neighbouring areas.

In addition, the skills and expertise demonstrated by the Chief Constable give me confidence that he will drive through the planned modernisation of North Yorkshire Police, including our £10m investment in digital technology. Amongst other things, this will improve efficiency at the same time as helping officers to work more flexibly and spend longer in the community, as well as ensure more robust ways of fighting cross border crime. The next few months will also see the introduction of new skills and capabilities to North Yorkshire, which will help us deal with growing threats such as online crime, as well as better protect vulnerable people. In order to deliver these changes, continuity of leadership at the top of the service is vital. I am therefore delighted to be able to extend Dave Jones’ appointment. His track record to date has demonstrated his ability to do a very good job and I’d like to thank him for his work serving our communities and championing the police service here in North Yorkshire.


Dave Jones, Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, said:

The police force has faced testing times since I took up office, and there have been some tough decisions to make.  We have already made a lot of improvements to the way we police the county, but we live in a complex world which continues to throw up new challenges, so there is always more to do.  I am absolutely committed to driving through the changes that need to be made to keep North Yorkshire as one of the safest places in the country, and I have a strong team behind me, who share my commitment to providing the best possible service.  North Yorkshire Police is in a strong position for the future, and whilst there are plenty of challenges ahead, I am very much looking forward to what the next three years will bring.

On a personal level, my family have fallen in love with North Yorkshire and the extension to my appointment cements our long-held ambition to see our children brought up in this wonderful county.”

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