Leeks a plenty at Disability Action Yorkshire’s Harrogate residential home

Disabled adults have successfully dealt with a large number of leeks at their care home!

But, unlike the leaks usually associated at this time of year when water pipes freeze, the leeks at Disability Action Yorkshire’s residential home on Claro Road, have been harvested, cooked and eaten!

Under the expert eye of volunteer Carolyn Rothwell, a member of Harrogate District Biodiversity Action Group (HDBAG), service users have been spending time in the home’s garden, where, in the summer, they planted a variety of winter vegetables.

And, thanks to mild conditions, a bumper crop of leeks, kale and cabbages has now been harvested, and enjoyed in numerous meals cooked and prepared in the home’s two kitchens.


Disability Action Yorkshire care home Manager Steven Taylor said:

We are extremely grateful to Carolyn for sparing her time and sharing her expertise with staff and service users alike.

Our garden is a fantastic space, and it’s our goal to transform it into a sensory and visual escape, one that boasts plenty of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Thanks to her, we are now well on our way to making it a reality. Our service users love the garden, and it’s great that a number of them are able to help with the important tasks, such as planting seeds and harvesting the ripe fruit and veg.

One of the biodiversity projects Carolyn will be leading next year is the creation of a bug hotel.

Once ‘open for guests’, it will increase the number of insects to our garden, which in turn will see more birds visiting too.


Further information about the Disability Action Yorkshire is available from its  website, www.disabilityactionyorkshire.org.uk

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