Baltzersen’s café celebrates third anniversary – with cake!

A -based business is inviting locals and regulars to help it celebrate reaching an impressive milestone.

Scandinavian café Baltzersen’s is celebrating reaching its third anniversary with the launch of a new loyalty card to enable customers to get more from their visits.  Point collection, extra discounts and free cake on your birthday are amongst the perks on offer.

Owner Paul Rawlinson opened the café in 2012 inspired by the childhood memories of the baking of his Norwegian grandmother Liv Esther Baltzersen and a recipe book packed with traditional Scandinavian recipes inherited from her.  Liv herself inherited the book from her mother Ingeborg and added to it throughout her life.

The family heirloom is at the forefront of Baltzersen’s creative Scandinavian menu and   fresh baked delicacies such as Waffles (Vafler) and Skolebrød can be enjoyed each day at the café on Oxford Street.


Owner Paul Rawlinson said:

The last three years have been very eventful, Katie and I have set up and run the café and welcomed the arrival of our son, Seth.  We set up the café in keeping with the values of the Scandinavian lifestyle – family, food, health, simple functional design and a laid back effortless cool – and it remains the centre of our family life.  I hope visits to Baltzersen’s continue to be a memorable part of life growing up in Harrogate for many other families too.

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