International success for Harrogate Trainer.
International success for Harrogate Trainer.

International success for Harrogate Trainer

29 September 2015

Harrogate Food Safety trainer Steve Pepper has completed his first successful free scholarship training for food safety auditors.

The HighfieldABC Level 3 Award in Auditing and Inspection is an internationally recognised formal qualification.


Steve said:

It felt right to be in a position to give something back to the industry that has supported me over the years. The girls all did very well and enjoyed the training.

They all worked hard on this and we’ve had excellent results. One of the candidates (Janet Smailes) travelled all the way from the Maldives for this training and also gained a “merit” pass on the Level 4 Food Safety Award, which she undertook during the same week.

During the last couple of years my training has taken off and with the help of Harrogate Chamber of Trade and Commerce I’ve been learning many new ways of promoting my business specially over social networks where Janet first heard of my work.

This has been the first free scholarship that I’ve offered and I think I’ll be making it an annual event to help give back something to the industry that’s supported me for so long.


  • Candidates had to say why they would benefit from undertaking this training and these four lucky people were chosen to be given a free place.
  • In recent years Steve’s work has increasingly been given national and international credit and has now had his stamp firmly put in the food safety training community.
  • He has been nominated for a food innovation award with the food standards agency, has written a couple of books on food safety and staff management and is a regular speaker at CIEH events.

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