New start-up companies in the Harrogate Area

28 September 2015

The spa town of Harrogate has become increasingly popular amongst visitors over the years, with many people flocking here to enjoy everything from the spa waters through to the variety of attractions and the stunning nearby Yorkshire Dales. However, this is a destination that is not just popular amongst tourists – it has become increasingly popular with small start-up companies looking for a good location to set up their business.

A number of new companies have started up in and around the town recently, which is good news not just for consumers but also for the local economy as a whole. For consumers, the rise in the number of new companies means greater access to a diverse range of services while for the economy it means more employment as well as more income.

Some of the new businesses in the area

A variety of new businesses are located in and around the Harrogate area. Some of the companies that have opened up here include:

Arden House: Arden House is a recently opened bed & breakfast with a 4-star rating. Situated just five minutes’ walk from the International Conference Centre in the town, it provides convenient and affordable accommodation for both business and leisure visitors to the area. You can also reach the various attractions with ease such as the stunning Ripley Castle.

VeriSmart Heating: VeriSmart Heating is a specialist company that provides information about and access to eco-friendly electric radiators for those looking for an alternative to costly and troublesome gas central heating. You can benefit from a heating system that requires no piping or boiler, is easy to maintain, affordable to run, and helps you to save money as well as do your bit for the environment by saving energy. The radiators can be purchased with ease and convenience via the company’s website through the use of a convenient shopping basket. Consumers can also access a detailed overview of the systems as well as a handy buying guide.

Therapi Love for Hair: As the name suggests, this is a young company that specialises in hair treatments, making it ideal for those who are looking for a little pampering. The business is located on Hornbeam Square South in Harrogate.

A number of other businesses have sprung up in and around the town over the past few months, including:

  • Towers SAP Services
  • Harrogate Beauty Academy
  • Home House Buyers
  • Ultimate Rally
  • JGO Consultancy
  • Jonathan Peasgood Associates

These are just some of the new businesses that have set up in the area over recent months, and with Harrogate being such a popular destination it is likely that start-ups will continue to choose this town as a suitable location for setting up their business.

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