WeChauffeur.co.uk founders Mark Bowman Sean Sanpher
WeChauffeur.co.uk founders Mark Bowman Sean Sanpher

New luxury chauffeur venture launches to target retired and corporate markets

14 September 2015

A new Harrogate-based chauffeur business has been launched, offering private and corporate clients, in particular retirees and non-flyers, a personalised service for journeys across the UK and Europe.

WeChauffeur.co.uk has been set up by Yorkshire construction industry entrepreneur and businessman Mark Bowman, who has built a number of successful engineering and manufacturing businesses.

Mr Bowman identified a growing market to provide retired travellers with a high end transport alternative to short haul and UK flights and rail journeys, as well as to cater for the resurgent corporate demand in the region as the economy improves.

Together with fellow director Sean Sanpher, they have launched the business to provide tailored high-quality driver and car services for private and corporate clients operating from Yorkshire, but undertaking jobs across Europe.


WeChauffeur.co.uk director Mr Bowman said:

Many retired people still want to travel regularly, well into their seventies, eighties and nineties, and being driven to London, Paris or even further afield becomes a practical option when you factor in insurance and health issues.

With most hire car firms refusing to rent cars to those over seventy, many retired travellers need to have their own vehicles abroad, but may not want the hassle of driving themselves to Europe.


WeChauffeur.co.uk driver Nigel McDonald with directors Mark Bowman and Sean Sanpher
WeChauffeur.co.uk driver Nigel McDonald with directors Mark Bowman and Sean Sanpher

The company has already invested in a range of luxury vehicles including a £90,000 Audi A8 limousine and a £50,000 Mercedes Benz.


Mr Bowman said:

Non-flyers, retirees and corporate clients are already making bookings because they want professional drivers that they can get to know, it’s like having their own part-time chauffeur.  They want to know that they will travel in a premium vehicle, with all the comfort that brings, driven by drivers with the right insurance and credentials, and that is what we aim to deliver.


WeChauffeur.co.uk is already seeing significant online enquiries from retired travellers, even before the firm’s launch this week, and anticipates that although the company is based in Yorkshire, enquiries will continue to come from right across the North of England.


Mr Bowman said:

It is clear from the early enquiries and bookings that there are many types of client out there who simply want to travel safely and with less stress.

It is as much about trust in a professional operation as it is about luxury cars, but by offering both we hope to attract a good spread of corporate and private business.


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