Poll: Should Harrogate welcome refugees ?

11 September 2015

There has been a great deal of discussion online on whether Harrogate should welcome refugees to the district.

The discussion has often been very polarised, from a strong yes to a strong no, but what do you think ?

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  1. what about the old in care homes . and the x sevise men etc on the streets . family’s with out homes. its Sade 4 them but rally we have to put are own first just not a much to go round.

    • horrible horrible Tory, white- male privilaged town. How to escape Harrogate? Well done Rob for escaping the smallest-minded of places. War-torn (Tory Policy) Displaced people welcome.

  2. Refugees need all the help they can get, and if that means some need a home in Harrogate they are welcome. But we must not forget that helping to solve the reason they need to flee their homes is even more important.

  3. I’ve been telling our MP and councillors that underneath it all Harrogate people are kind, generous to those in need and wanting to help. Looks from the number of ‘no’ votes as if I may be wrong after all.

  4. I think it is very important for us to reach out and support people in such need of help and shelter, rather that spend resources building ever higher barricades around our island. We need to work towards a more equal distribution of wealth and security, so that in the longer term people will not need to make these hazardous journeys. Today’s refugees and immigrants are tomorrow’s strength and richness.

  5. A common sense of humanity and compassion should make a question like this completely redundant when addressed to the residents of one of the wealthiest corners of the country. The christiam communities of Harrogate should be leading this movement. Where are they?

    • Churches have been sending petitions of support into the council, and are collecting clothes for the Calais camps and will certainly be intensely involved when refugees come just as they were in resettling the Bosnians.

      Since the current crisis beganthe Church has been supporting the Syrian refugees in their camps in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. If you wish to contribute to this work you can do via so at: http://www.cafod.org.uk/Give/Refugee-crisis-in-Europe

  6. Though our support will not take away the sorrow and angst of people in need (refugees) who have lost loved ones and their homes it will help to give them hope for the future and it may help them feel we care for them and the welfare of our world.
    The label refugee conjures up negative pictures in some people’s minds and it may be helpful to remember that people in these situations had a home, jobs, hope, love, communities and that they have lost these. They still have dreams, determination, hope, etc to make a contribution to where they can make a ‘home’.
    Many refugees or families of refugees have made major contributions to our society and you do not have look far for these. Just walk along a shopping street and you will see Marks and Spencer, Burtons, walk in a supermarket and you will see brands such as Pathaks and Tilda Rice……. An art gallery may exhibit art by Anish Kapoor, Mona Janco and other wonderful artists. Listen to some amazing music – there are many who may have been refugees themselves or be a son or daughter of one. Laugh at Omid Djalili’s jokes, then there is sports and politics….. There are so many people who make an amazing difference to our lives. Thank you

  7. I voted “yes”, but I mean in terms of refugees we can verify. I think it is important that we are not ignorant to the facts and potential problems of the current wave of “refugees” arriving in Europe. These are not all genuine refugees – some are just economic migrants (for which we have established immigration rules they should not be bypassing) and news articles indicate they may include IS members / extremists bent on setting up new terrorist cells, or otherwise wreaking havoc.

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