How today’s generation is finding work in the UK

26 August 2015

It goes without saying that today’s youth in the United Kingdom have had to deal with differing job market than that of their parents. Trying to find work after an economic recession and attempting to meet expectations dealt onto them, young people have a lot to think about when it comes to searching for a satisfying and promising occupation.

According to research conducted by British Gas, many young people are worried about their careers options in the future, with 69 per cent stating that they were concerned they couldn’t find a job, and 63 per cent saying that they were scared of working in a ‘dead-end’ role.

Claire Miles, managing director for HomeCare at British Gas, remains buoyant that there are several great opportunities for young men and women in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and maths), as 48 per cent of those surveyed had never actually considered a role in these areas.

“With young men already taking advantage of the apprenticeship opportunities available, I would encourage girls to think about engineering,” says Miles. “Apprenticeships are a great way into an organisation, and at British Gas, they allow you to earn while you learn and develop skills for life.”

With the knowledge that first impressions often count for a lot, jobseekers could even aim big and start their own website or blog, showing their up-to-date touch with technology and a way for employers to see the person beyond a CV.

Nick Macario, CEO of a personal branding platform called, discusses that the difference between yourself and another highly profiled jobseeker could be something as simple as your own website. “Employers are researching potential candidates online and want to look deeper than someone’s work experience,” he says. “They want to get to know candidates and not only make sure they take pride in their craft, but also want to see if it’s a cultural fit, which is equally as important in many cases.”

With that in mind, there are companies, like 1&1 for example, that are making these seemingly complex tasks appear easier than ever. With drag-and-drop and website templates, jobseekers now have a plethora of options to finding a way of expressing themselves, outside of a CV.

Jobseekers should ideally not worry as much as they are, but instead consider options not previously thought about, and hopefully find themselves a career that they can be proud of and with a bright future.

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