£3.2m investment in 36 bus route

29 July 2015

A flagship bus route in Harrogate is to receive a multi-million-pound boost after operator Transdev announced plans to purchase 14 new vehicles.

Transdev will spend £3.2m upgrading its 36 route, including the addition of 14 brand new buses and a full brand refresh. The investment comes as a recent survey conducted by Transdev showed growing passenger numbers and “outstanding” passenger satisfaction rates.

Transdev’s latest survey showed 55 per cent of people travelled on the 36 despite having access to a car; 90 per cent of people couldn’t think of anything to improve about the service and 96 per cent of people are either satisfied or very satisfied with the route. The survey also showed 33 per cent of passengers were new customers this year.

Managing Director Alex Hornby said:

While it is very reassuring to get the seal of approval from our customers, we are determined that the 36 – as the UK’s pioneering luxury, highly specified bus route – continues to go from strength to strength.

This is all about us delighting our existing customers and setting out to get even more people on board the 36, and us continuing to fuel the local economies of Harrogate, Ripon and Leeds.

Our recent survey provided some outstanding results, which is a credit to our team delivering the service day in, day out. The fact that well over half of our customers could use the car but choose not to demonstrates the drawing power of the 36.

We are making a huge investment on the 36 by upgrading this amazing product even further and we are pleased that Transport Secretary Andrew Jones was able to join us for this important announcement and to share our success stories and future plans with him.



  1. Instead of spending £3.2 m on a service which already has a high passenger satisfaction, Transdev should try to serve passengers on its 6 route better. With a blaze of publicity it recently “improved” the service so that it runs 3 minutes ahead of the Connexions service. A blatent attempt to drive Connexions off the route so Transdev can have a monopoly and then probably reduce the service. Bus regulation and privatisation at its worst. Come on Transdev – try to serve the passengers for a change.

  2. Look, Transdev, I literally could not care less how ‘luxury’ your service is – it’s a bus — nobody cares. All i want is to be able to afford to use you.. Over £7 for a return to Harrogate is an absolute joke. I am definitely not the only person to think this.

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