Harrogate “what’s on” guide by Dj Trev

25 July 2015

Pubs, clubs and general excellence in the field.

There are plenty of things on this weekend and over the next few weeks in Harrogate in the world of gigs, clubs and pubs. However, as you might expect for a column of this standard, I would like to open up by talking about scareeecrows.

A couple of weeks ago I walked “the scarecrow trail” up at The Pinewoods. It was a nice stroll but one of the stands was empty, so I asked if I could make one; since they had a last minute cancellation – something I can relate to – they said yes. They are now paying the price for that decision, which is: displaying my “outsider art” for a month.

I spent a nice sunny afternoon designing and building a state of the art “80’s poodle rock” scarecrow called “Axle Crows” and put it up late at night, in the dead of night if you will. Actually it was still sunny so that is a lie. I also fully had permission, so didn’t need to sneak round the woods by the light of moonlight, which made a change to my usual Thursday night proclivities.

When I went up there previously, I took a few pictures, including this one of my favorite.

Guns and Crowses by Hannah, Dj Trev and 10 Devonshire Place
Guns and Crowses by Hannah, Dj Trev and 10 Devonshire Place


Now, I didn’t take photos of all of them that would defeat the object of trying to get you to go and look at the scarecrows wouldn’t it? This isn’t a “virtual scarecrow trail”, you should actually go up the pinewoods and actually stroll trough it. What manner of serious journalist would I be if I showed you all the scarecrows? I would probably be a serious enough journalist to remember who actually made my favorite scarecrow. Unfortunately, I am not. It was a school. But I can’t remember which… Well done kids, I’m really sorry I can’t remember your name, I thought I’d be able to read the name of your school off the picture but I can’t. So remember, stay in school, or you’ll end up an idiot like me.




I really liked the one made by the police too, and if you look carefully at the picture you will see I am stood too near the scarecrow, despite the signs telling me not to stand so close to them. This is probably the type of reason I always run afoul of the police.




So a few days later (a week, that is a few days to a busy dj. To be honest I am impressed I got round to it before the competition ends in September) I set out to make my masterpiece. It was actually much harder than I imagined, but I am pretty robustly confident that I will win the prize. I don’t know what the prize is; I imagine it is a solid gold helicopter, or perhaps a round the world cruise. Anyway, accordingly I will share it with Hanna, who can be seen here attempting to interview her favorite scarecrow. Hanna works with me at 10 Devonshire Place, and I have other, less broadcastable reasons for hanging around with her. Anyway, we had a really good afternoon making our man.




We decided to go with the theme of 80’s rock for two reasons. “Guns n’ Crowses” was the best scarecrow related pun I could come up with; and all my old clothes that I don’t mind leaving out in the woods for a month are 80’s stonewash. I suspect in 3 years time my scarecrow will be wearing tweed, and I will need all those 3 years to come up with a suitable “hmm, yeah, that’s vaguely amusing I guess” play on the word tweed for that one too.




Once we made him we put him in my car and went to put him up. There then followed an hours debacle of us both laughing at our own folly whilst bemused joggers jogged past. Though most of them were actually walking, which always irks me.

Saying goodbye to our feller was heart wrenching but if you go up and he makes you smirk at our idiocy, then all the hard work and time wasted will have been time well spent.

On to the more serious business of work; a couple of weeks ago at 10 Devonshire Place we had Chris Helme live; he’s the singer of The Seahorses, and it was a total road block. Which means it was really busy. These types of “masters” gigs have been great fun so far; me and my mate Jonny Skinne get legends from bands we liked when we were younger to come and play for us. Usually we still like them, because, with the exception of when I suddenly get back into house music every 4 years when it becomes cool again, I am very loyal with the music I like. The next couple of gigs we’ve got like that coming up are Nigel out of Dodgy, there on Wednesday 5th August, and Adam out of Babyshambles there on the 26th of August. We don’t charge entry so it’s totally free to you (it costs us money but hey who cares) and is as close to altruism as I can get. Apart from all the charity work I do, that I don’t really like to talk about.

I will be playing a charity event in Knaresborough House on Saturday the 22nd of August but that really is too far away to start bragging about, so instead I will make you think I am still in touch with modern music by talking about an excellent house night, cos I really like house, again. Usually Knee Deep is once a month at moko but tonight they are having a classics night at Viper, AND a night at moko on August 7th. This is with Lauren Lo sung of Lo Life / Deep tech records, and both events will be very cool. The Knee Deep guys are serious about what they do and I am pretty certain they have recently announced some more dates with Pete Tong, although I could have dreamed that. Generally when I dream things about the Knee Deep guys it is that I am cool enough to be one of them and that they’d treat me like an equal, instead of treating me like a kindly uncle, and calling me “sir”, and offering me the seat on the bus.

Curtis Eller’s American Circus is at The Blues Bar on Tuesday 4th August. I don’t really know what this is, to be honest, but SO many people have told me I will love it, that I am going. So if you think you might like the type of thing I like (don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we are the same, just that we are both awesome) then check it out.

For the next week or so it is mainly business as usual in Harrogate, which means there is plenty on, if only you go look for it. For example, tomorrow, on Sunday 19th there is Richard III, by Shakespeare, being performed in The Valley Gardens. If you have never done outdoor theatre and like it indoors: try it, you won’t be disappointed.

In my constant on-going quest to avoid boredom I did something I only just found out about. I found out yesterday that they do guided tours of the Royal Hall. I actually went on one this morning, and it was really nice. It’s fun to do “touristy” type stuff in your own town; don’t get me wrong, I am not sure this would be ideal for a moody teenager, but if you are interested in local history, it is well worth checking out. For example, did you know that The Majestic Hotel was hit by a bomb in World War II? Neither did I, and I also had never, if I am honest, really LOOKED at the Royal Hall, and it genuinely is very beautiful. I would post a picture here but instead I only got a photo of me pretending to be royal in one of the boxes. Still, I AM pretty good looking myself.


Anyway, if you fancy doing one of them Royal Hall tours they are on once a month-ish, and the next one is this Tuesday 28th July. It is technically free but they do suggest a donation of £3 which is entirely reasonable, so if you are looking for something to do that might help you appreciate what a beautiful town we live in, I definitely recommend it.

Cheers for reading, and here’s the listings for this week and beyond. Trev x x x


Friday 24th July

Viper Rooms downstairs, Knee Deep House night.

Hailies Café Knaresborough, Jonny Skinner live.

Rift & Co. Live lounge from 6pm til 9pm, then Dj Tex brings the weekend from 9pm.

Moko Lounge, #Fridays.

Rehab Nightclub, “Electro Circus” dance Night.

·        Saturday 25th July

Blues Bar, The Jed Thomas Blues Band.

Moko Lounge, Main Room DJ Max Czernic playing upfront house, electro and disco. Door charge applies, or contact the venue for guestlist before 11pm.

Rift  & Co. Entourage Saturday Session.

Rehab nightclub, two floors of music: Top Floor : Rock Party Scissors 10pm ‘til 4am.Downstairs: Electricity upfront dance night, doors open 8pm with Pop & Dance music from Djs Wayne & James. Free entry.

·        Sunday 26th July

10 Devonshire Place; Quiz night, live music round from Jonny Skinner, questions and questionable activity from Dj Trev, free entry

Monteys Bar, Charity fundraiser with loads of bands.

Blues Bar, full day of live music with Free entry. Folkestrain the afternoon, Theieving Lord Cole in the evening and Rob Reynolds who is followed by The Bar Stewards of Val Doonican in the night time. VERY approximate, obviously.

Retro Bar, open deck social.

Viper Rooms. Peek-a-Boo R’n’B night.

Hales Pub, live acoustic night.

Fat Badger, Cold Bath Road, Pub Quiz.

·        . Monday 27th July

The Harlow Inn, Otley road, Pub Quiz.

Rift & Co. 50% off all food until 9pm.

So! Bar, Otley Road, Pub Quiz.

Blues Bar, fully hosted fully entertaining open mic session, hosted by Pete Oliver.

Moko Lounge nightclub, Karaoke.

·        Tuesday 28th July

Blues Bar, acoustic session. Free entry.

Coach and Horses Pie and Peas night with proceeds to Martin’s House Children’s Hospice.

The Tap n’ Spile pub, folk night.

The Cross Keys Pub, Knaresborough, Folk Night.

Pitcher & Piano Re:Session cheap drinks night.

Moko Lounge Nightclub, “Skint” main room upfront dance and electro, VIP Room Rock Box Rock night Dj Jaye Selway.

Rift & Co. Bar, “Rift-Raff” (taking over back to rev) as the Tuesday industry session Toby Skinner plus guests. 50% off drinks 8pm til close.

·        Wednesday 29th July

10 Devonshire Place, Residents association open mic & acoustic session. Free entry.

Retro Bar, acoustic jam charity night.

The Den, Salsa; beginners 7.30pm, intermediate 8.30pm, social dancing 9.30pm £5 per class, two classes for £8

The Blues Bar, live music from the Paul Middleton Angst band .

Rehab Nightclub, Dj Jaye Selway

Moko Lounge, Dj Max Czernic’s request night.

·        Thursday 30th July

10 Devonshire Place; Reggae Recipe, with Martin Dodsworth supplying the full-fat-jamrock tunes and Jamaican Street Food from Jah Zipper. 10% off at Bar for CAMRA members

Blues Bar, Stax live

Rehab Nightclub, Flexorama with Dj Tex

Viper Rooms, YOLO Club night.

Christies Pub, Sean McGrath’s Pub quiz.

Rift & Co. JagerRocks – £1 jager bombs all night Friday 17th July

Curzon Theatre Ripon, Geek movie Quiz.

10 Devonshire Place, Reggae, Rum n’ Records with Martin Dodsworth, bringing to a close the 2 month residency of Jamaican Street Food, bidding Jah Zipper a fond farewell until next time!

Friday 31st July

Henshaws Knaresborough, Friday Night Mix with Greenshaw’s MoodHook plus support.

The Den, Day Old Hate live. Free entry.

Saturday 1st August

The Project at The Den. Help The Homeless charity night with buskers.

Starbeck working Mens Club, Northern Soul, Motown and Ska night with DC (Teenage Kicks Soundsystem)

Sunday 2nd August

Fairytale Family Day at Henshaws

Tuesday 4th August

Curtis Eller’s American Circus at The Blues Bar.

Wednesday 5th August

10 Devonshire Place, Nigel out of Dodgy live at the  Residents Association acoustic night with Jonny Skinner plus guests. Free entry.

14th August – 23rd August

Henshaws Knaresborough, Urban Beach with a host of live events.

15th August

Henshaws Urban Beach, Saturday Night Feva, hosted by Lily la Belle

Sunday 16th August

Major tom’s Socail: The Geek Pub Quiz

Monday 17th August

Henshaw’s Knaresborough, “Dj Trev presents Porkies Prime Cuts, vinyl only open deck(chair) beach party / Tropical Beach Cocktail”, whatever that is.

21st August

The Den, Majesty live, free entry.

Saturday 22nd August

Knaresborough House, FEVA Pic-Nic in the Park. All day open air music party. Dj Trev plus four live bands, free entry BYO Pic-Nic

Sunday 23rd august

Henshaws Knaresborough, Craft Fair ont’ Beach.

Wednesday 26th August

10 Devonshire Place, Adam Ficek (Babyshambles) live at The Residents Association, 7pm, with supports. Free entry

Saturday 5th September

Harrogate Ladies College (Sports Centre) Spa Town Roller Girls National Championship Fixture. Full contact sports with commentators, DJ and refreshments.

11th to 13th September

Release The Hounds poetry and spoken word festival, Knaresborough.

Wednesday 14th October, 10 Devonshire Place, Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets 1989 – 2011) Live. Free Entry.

Saturday 17th October

Fighting Epondymoma’s annual Huge rock gig!

Monthly events

1st Sunday of the Month, Cross Keys in Knaresborough David Cranes Teenage Kicks Soundsystem presents “The Sunday Soul Selection”, an afternoon of Sweet Soul Music.

1st Tuesday of the month, Major Tom’s Social “Craft Club”. Art attack for grownups!

2nd Sunday of the month, Major Tom’s Social, Dj Scoobies Big Band Selections.

2nd Sunday of the month, 10 Devonshire Place, Folk afternoon.

3rd Wednesday of the month, Tap & Spile “Poems Prose & Pints” spoken word group.

Last Friday of the month, Jakes Café Bar, Oxford Road, Wine Club.

Fortnightly Tuesdays, 10 Devonshire Place, harrogate Story Tellers in the back room.

To get listed please message me on facebook.com/djtrev

If I don’t know about your night, please don’t send me a message telling me off for not listing it.

Trev x x x

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