Disability Action Yorkshire chief executive Jackie Snape

Disability Charity Chief meets with Council’s Licensing Department over lack of wheelchair accessible taxis

3 July 2015

The head of a Harrogate-based disability charity has met with council chiefs over her concerns about the dwindling number of wheelchair-accessible taxis in the town.

Jackie Snape, chief executive of Disability Action Yorkshire, wrote to Harrogate Borough Council’s licensing department asking if they could exert their authority and urge taxi operators to provide more adapted vehicles.

In her letter to the Coun John Ennis, the authority’s licensing committee chair, Mrs Snape claimed the situation was so chronic that people wanting a wheelchair-friendly taxi in Harrogate can only pre-book one from 6.30am on the day they wish to make their journey.

She added that because of the lack of these taxis there was a real danger that many disabled people were becoming socially isolated.

As a result of her communication, Mrs Snape has now held a face to face meeting with Coun Ennis and licensing officer Gareth Bentley.


Mrs Snape said:

I would very much like to thank both Coun Ennis and Mr Bentley for sparing the time to discuss this important and worrying situation with me.

Both of them were very supportive of our call, and Mr Bentley certainly recognised the issues I brought up, namely a lack of specialised vehicles and only being able to book ones on the intended day of travel.

He is now going to address some of the issues with the local taxi companies, which I hope will bear some fruit.

It really is a problem in the area and I sincerely hope that by working together solutions can be reached.


Further information about Disability Action Yorkshire is available from its website www.disabilityactionyorkshire.org.uk

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