Harrogate man running 10K a day for the mad month of May

25 May 2015

Muir Mclaren is running 10k each and every day for the month of May, all in the name of supporting two local good causes.

Bilton Methodist Church, near Roberts Crescent and Saint Michael’s Hospice are set to benefit from his run totalling a distance of 310K.

Three years ago Muir’s son was unfortunately involved in an accident that needed life saving brain surgery to treat a large brain bleed. He was initially admitted to Harrogate Hospital, with a serious fracture, but a brain bleed was discovered and he was rushed to Leeds for emergency treatment.

Muir has lived in Harrogate for the last 30 years, moving from York at the age of 10.


Muir said: My 6-year-old son was hospitalised for 11 days in Leeds and it was a very difficult time. The hospital were very supportive and saved his life.

But back in Harrogate the Bilton Methodist Church really were a big help to the family and I can’t thank them enough. They even had a collection to help us.

Saint Michaels were also amazing when  they cared for my step dad, my mum helps with fund-raising so there is a bit of a family connection – they are just incredible people.



Muir works away during the week and has had to fit the runs around his work and family commitments at the weekend. It hasn’t been easy to find the 2 hours a day, including the run itself, cool down and change back to normal clothes.


Muir added: At the start of 2014 I wasn’t happy with my weight so I changed by diet and started running. In the August of that year I did my first 10K, the Wetherby 10K.

With this challenge though, I thought that I would really suffer with aching legs, but back ache is really getting to me much more.

All support is greatly appreciated and people can donate at the Bilton Methodist Church or online for those wanting to help support Saint Michaels.

Am now looking forward to a big finish on Sunday at Saint Michaels!

To donate see https://www.justgiving.com/muir-mclaren

Bilton Methodist Church are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bamcchildrenfamilies


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  1. So proud of you brother. xx Magnificent stuff! You are doing it for Bilton church and for your dad! Proud of you mate x #Justsayin lol

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