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MP calls for rethink over charges by Northern Rail at Pannal Railway Station

12 May 2015

News that Northern Rail are due to introduce parking charges at Pannal Railway station has sparked calls for a re-think by local MP Andrew Jones.

Signs went up earlier this week telling the public that charges would begin from next week at a rate of £2 a day.

Local MP Andrew Jones has written to Northern Rail in strong terms expressing his dissatisfaction with the new arrangement and asking them to bin the charges.

Andrew commented: This is a very disappointing and backward step by Northern Rail.  Over the years I have been impressed by some of the improvements made to local stations particularly the fast ticketing machines which have been introduced.  I am looking forward to scheduled improvements to Harrogate station.  There are good things happening locally with our rail services and facilities.

Introducing charges would be a giant step backward for Northern Rail and for local people who would be saddled with bills of hundreds of pounds every year.

We should be encouraging people to use our trains – encouraging them to leave their car behind.   As a train operator I want Northern Rail to strain every sinew to get more people to use their services and for Northern Rail to improve those services.  All that charging will do is clog up nearby roads with parked cars, reduce the number of people using the train and add to the financial burden of working families and individuals.

It is time for Northern Rail to think again.

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