Charity Rocks –Harrogate Gallery Raffles Artists‘ Work

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Harrogate gallery Redhouse Originals is set to raffle off a number of art works donated by popular musicians and artists to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) – a charity currently working, like many others, to stem the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Running through the 23rd February to the 23rd March, the event will feature works from drum & bass veteran Goldie, polarizing indie rocker Pete Doherty and happy go lucky Liverpudlian Ian Skelly from The Coral. Other high profile names who have contributed pieces to the raffle include Gered Mankowitz, Horace Panter, Dudley Edwards, Pete Mckee, David Rusbatch, Pete Smith and The Studio of Ezra.

Inspired by gAllery friend Andy Dennis’ recent trip to Sierra Leone, the curators have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the artists and hope to raise enough money to help this worthy cause. The money will go directly to MSF who provide international medical care free of political, military or religious agendas in nearly 80 countries – offering humanitarian aid and assistance impartially. The artworks will be displayed in the gallery until 23rd of March but you can also view them on the gallery’s website. Riding on the wave of ecommerce sites that has burgeoned in the last couple of years due to quick hosting services such as that found here, the ecommerce tools built into the Redhouse Originals site allow you to shop and browse remotely, if you are unable to get to the gallery in the flesh.

Raffle tickets will cost £10 and are available to purchase from the following places:

  • In person at the Redhouse Originals gallery
  • In person at Bean & Bud
  • Online through the gallery’s ecommerce portal
  • By telephone on +44 (0)1423 884400

The raffle tickets will be drawn at the end of the exhibition at Bean & Bud. Further details regarding the exhibition and the raffle can also be found on the Redhouse Originals

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