Harrogate Borough Council supports Civic Society’s call to have towns traditional lamp-posts listed

12 November 2014

Harrogate Borough Council has put its support behind Harrogate Civic Society’s campaign to have a number of the town’s historic cast iron lamp posts protected by having them listed.

Many of the historic lamp posts were first used in about 1849, before being converted from gas to electricity in the 1960s. Earlier this year North Yorkshire County Council began to replace a number of the town’s old Victorian lamp posts with modern street poles due to safety concerns.
Following public reaction to the plan, Harrogate Borough Council set aside funds of £40,000 to re-clad 100 of the most visible streetlamps in the conservation area of the town to ensure they maintain a historic look.

However, due to the historic significance of the traditional cast iron lamp posts, Harrogate Civic Society has recently written to English Heritage asking them to consider listing a number of those which are located in prominent locations in Crown Place, outside the Crown Hotel and in Crescent Gardens.

Council Leader Councillor Richard Cooper said: These traditional lamp posts are part of the distinctive character of Harrogate and set us apart from other towns. There is no doubt that they are of special architectural and historical interest and by removing them all we would lose a little bit of our heritage.

The Civic Society’s campaign to have a number of the iconic lamp posts which occupy prominent positions in the town centre listed should be commended as if they are successful it will ensure they can be enjoyed by generations of residents and visitors to come.

Councillor Richard Cooper has written to English Heritage pledging Harrogate Borough Council’s support for the Civic Society’s stance.

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  1. Do the Council’s intend to replace the lamp posts already taken?
    The ones in our street were the first to be removed despite protests to the relevant department at the time.

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