Ian Gibson, Londesboro Captain doing his best to keep his new 12 gram darts on the board

Harrogate darts roundup – KO revenge for Manhattan

8 November 2014

A quiet week in the Harrogate & District Darts League didn’t stop the fireworks in the knockout Cup preliminary round with 3 games removing teams from the season’s only real chance of silverware and with 2 League games in both divisions the 5th of November will be one to remember for a number of local players.

Division 2

Pyd    Won    Sng    Prs    Pts

Bilton Bowlers                              5          3       19      10     29
Bilton Umpires                             5          5       22       7      29
Stonebeck                                      4         3       17       9       26
Wellington Inn                              4         3       15        7       22
Starbeck Cons Club                      5         1        11       9       20


Division 1 News

Harrogate Railway Athletic 5 – 4 Slip Inn

In a catch up game from earlier in the season Harrogate railway overcame last year’s division one runners up in an underperforming Slip Inn 5 games only one victory, and a lowly 14 points were not forecast for this season. Take nothing away from Harrogate railway although had to perform well and under pressure to take the win.
Phil Taylor won in a class game over Dave Metcalfe in 23 and 22 darts, Metcalfe winning his leg in 23.
Shaun Smith took a point from Dan Taylor, and was on a finish after 12 darts in both legs, but took 26 and 30 to complete the job.
James Kean had another fast leg 19 Darts following his performance last week, but ended up losing again on this occasion to Railways Andy Graham.
Slip Inn Captain, Barry Nelson steadied the ship with a victory over old timer Chris Deighton with a 24 dart leg in the final singles game.
A fast Pairs leg from Peter Holden & James Keane took another point with a19 Dart deciding leg
The final pairs game saw Shaun Smith & Jez Davey win in 27 & 20 respectively to complete the overall victory
Division 2 News

Tap & Spile 2 – 7 Empress

Daz Murthick is possibly the proudest captain in the league this week with the Empress claiming their first Victory in the league since their return to darts in the area. Starting the evening off with a victory in 45 and a respectable 32 began an evening of victories thwarted only by our friends from the USA Dwight Morris and Dave Prince, Dwight has graced the league from the US for a number of years now, but as he will be returning home, this will be his last season, we wish him all the best.
In games, Ed Thompson hit a 123 in his victory, Pat Smith a 133 and 100 to win, and Rick Blow a ton assist in winning overall legs during the night.

Cup News

Harrogate Conservative Club 7 – 0 The Muckles

Division 1 team the Cons Club showed class over second division Muckles despite a great deal of pre-game online bravado.
Andy Hare hitting 30 and 25 dart leg games to begin, Neil Fullard showed real class with legs of 20 & 20, Tez Sherwood won in 19 & 28, although there was a dress code violation during the evening, Sherwood appeared please with his performance and attire.
Captain Chris Nelson bagged a 24 dart leg taking the all-important 4th game and the match was done, toher than an amazing double 180 from Ian Malkin winning in 17 & 18 darts. Rich Graham chipped in with a 20 dart leg, and Karl Walker completed the rout with legs 0f 20 & 30.

Bilton Umpires 5 – 2 Starbeck Conservatives Club

An all second division cup match saw joint league leaders Bilton Umpires continue their early season good form. All square after the first 4 games with Tony Hawkes and Captain Val Wilson winning with 25 and 30 dart legs respectively Top performing Umpires player Ian Richardson scored a maximum “180” and 3 tons on the bounce in his victory, and as the Starbeck team were a player short the task was beyond the players so with a great team performance, the Umpires have most definitely struck back.

Manhattan Dales 6 – 1 The Londesboro Club

Revenge was the theme of the evening at The Manhattan Club as last week’s league victory for Ian Gibson’s Londesboro Club cut Dales Captain Rick Harper to the bone.
The evening started with a repeat of last weeks encounter, 2010 Individuals Champion and winning his last 3 league games Eddie Simson was up against Rick Harper, and revenge was on the cards immediately, With Harper winning in 14 & 21 darts kicking off 125/180/100 he meant business.
Tink Cameron won in 25 and 24 despite a good opening leg of 22 from Jason Wood, Dean Lawman took a good point in 24 darts, and the in a controversial game Shaun Sowray took the point in 21 darts against Ian Gibson, Ian struggled with his 12 gram darts as a number of them ended up on he floor.
Dave Singh then took his game against Richard Taylor in 26 & 27, Taylor chipping in with a 27 of his own. Nick Hanslow continued good form with the Lodesboro only point against Stephen Walker in22 & 22, The final game was taken in 3 legs by Terry Jackson, including a 21 dart leg.

In other local News 2 Darting legends will be visiting the area in November John Lowe and Eric Bristow, more details in next week’s report.

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Wayne Campbell: League Secretary

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