Knaresborough e-retailer teams up with UK’s most famous ‘sparky’

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-based online retailer has teamed up with cheeky TV sparky Billy Byrne, who has become the UK’s favourite electrician after helping his colleagues to rescue dozens of unfinished DIY projects for deserving families all over the UK.

The rapidly expanding online heating retailer, which operates a number of specialist websites was launched by managing director Paul Walker in 2013. Following exclusive deals with leading green technology and energy efficient heating manufacturers, the business has expanded to employ 12 staff from its Knaresborough head office and Keighley warehouse.

The electric radiator and heater retailer has now teamed up with Billy to promote the site’s range of products, including state of the art infrared heaters that have proved hugely popular with the DIY since their launch last year.

Managing director Paul Walker said: Billy is the most famous electrician in the country and we’re delighted that he is willing to work with us to promote the website and review some of the new technology that we are introducing to the UK market.

He and his colleagues have done dozens of TV DIY projects for families and good causes, and he’s become a much loved and trusted public figure, as well as an expert electrician.

Mr Byrne, who first trained as an electrician in the 1960s, visited the firm’s head office at Conyngham Hall to see the radiator ranges, latest infrared heaters and to meet the team of customer service staff and website administrators who manage the site.

Billy said: Paul and his team run a really professional outfit and the products they have secured are at the very leading edge of the DIY heating market.

It’s the first time I have seen some of the new heating technology, and it is great to be helping the team promote the range and getting my hands on the latest kit.

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