Mediation milestone for Harrogate

7 October 2014

A mediation service for individuals, families and businesses in the Harrogate district has reached a milestone by gaining charitable status.

ARCH is a conflict resolution service that helps people to resolve a wide range of disputes, from neighbourhood disagreements and intergenerational issues to workplace wrangles.

It uses mediation and other alternative methods to help people to avoid court battles for disputes as wide ranging as child access or parking arrangements.

The mediation service was formerly offered by Harrogate Borough Council but became a separate entity in the spring, forming a strategic partnership with My Possible Self Ltd to expand its range of services.

ARCH Manager Tony Pardoe said: By helping people to reach agreement, without taking sides or passing judgement, we can often produce more lasting solutions and enable people to communicate better with each other in future.

Because ARCH provides a free service in some cases, work has also begun on fund raising to support this, with a dinner at the end of the month to publicise the services.

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