Smithers Viscient open new testing laboratory in Harrogate

Smithers Viscient have opened a new research laboratory on Woodfield Drive – Wednesday, 24th September 2014.

The new Research Laboratory on Woodfield Drive was opened by the Mayor and Mayoress of the Borough of and CEO of The Smithers Group, Michael Hochschwender, who highlighted that this is one of the leading laboratories in the world for environmental protection.

The new addition has been outfitted with state of the art mass spectrometry equipment.

CEO Michael Hochschwender said: We are proud of our new home in Harrogate. Over the last 18 months Smithers has worked diligently to design and build a facility that allows our scientists to most effectively and efficiently carry out environmental risk studies.

I am pleased to be here to celebrate the culmination of that effort and to officially open the site.

Smithers Viscient’s clients are continually developing new chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Ensuring the materials and compounds are safe for the environment requires significant product stewardship, and the studies conducted by Smithers here in Harrogate are critical to those efforts.

It is exciting to know our staff now have a home that enables us to meet both the current and future needs of our clients.

The opening of the laboratory has been given support by .

Mayor of the Borough of Harrogate, Jim Clark: I look forward to seeing the solutions and great ideas that will come out of the collaborative work done here.

It is always good to see Harrogate companies continue to support our local economy, and invest in our Borough.

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