Harrogate charity offers London Marathon place

A North Yorkshire is looking for a keen runner to take up its place at next year’s London Marathon – and help it raise funds for a new vehicle to benefit young, disabled adults.

Disability Action Yorkshire – the -based organisation that aims to empower disabled people to live independent lifestyles – is searching for someone to don its colours and run the 26 mile race in April 2015.

Rather than having to apply through the ballot, the runner would be guaranteed entry on the proviso that the funds raised will go exclusively to the charity.

This, less the £400 to acquire the place, will be go towards purchasing a new vehicle for its Claro Road care home, which will be used to transport service users into town and elsewhere.

Disability Action Yorkshire’s chief executive Jackie Snape said: Having guaranteed a place at next year’s London Marathon, all we require is someone to pound the streets and pavements of the capital on our behalf!

I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of eager applicants. All we ask is that they raise in excess of £1,500, which will be used for a specific purpose, namely that of replacing the existing transporter with a new, smaller, model.

Whilst our current vehicle can carry two wheelchairs, it is rather cumbersome and not that easy to drive.

More staff will be able to drive the new vehicle and take our service users out and about, namely to town, college and our Hornbeam Park training facility.

Anyone interested in taking up this challenge on behalf of Disability Action Yorkshire should email Jackie Snape at Jackie.Snape@da-y.org.uk by Sunday, October 19, at the latest.

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