From premiership football to new personal training company

8 September 2014

When Shaun Hallett was Head of Academy and Football Operations at a Premiership football club, he was responsible for the health and well-being of young professional athletes. Now he is using that experience to launch a new personal training company aimed at helping those who are time-poor deal more effectively with the demands of modern life.

Shaun, who lives in Harrogate, was formerly in charge of the Academy at Queen Park Rangers FC, and later developed the outline plans for the club’s proposed new training ground; he has also held senior positions within a range of commercial businesses so has personal experience of the pressures that can affect very busy people.

Following a specialist training programme, building on a Loughborough University Sports Science degree, and a background in the fitness, sport, leisure and health sectors, he is launching Fortius Personal Fitness ( aimed primarily at the 35+ age group, in particular those with busy schedules but who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Shaun, aged 52 and married with three sons, said: There are some very good personal trainers working in and around Harrogate but I believe I bring a slightly different perspective to the service.

Having worked as a Chief Executive and Director in a previous corporate life I understand the pressures and how important it is to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle to enable you to operate at your most effective in business, and at home.

Too often there is an assumption that as we grow older our physical performance becomes very limited. It doesn’t have to be that way. My emphasis is on providing expert, supportive and empathetic guidance and motivation to ensure people are properly informed regarding their exercise and nutrition habits.

I am particularly keen to work with clients who are committed to making real changes in their activity levels, diet patterns and behaviours. As a Registered Nutritionist I’m also able to offer specific and bespoke support regarding the important links between diet and exercise

Shaun’s professional background includes positions as a Senior Lecturer in sport and leisure at the University of Manchester, Head of Leisure Services with a county council, Director of a specialist eye hospital and Chief Executive of a company that developed, built and operated primary health care facilities before joining QPR.

Prior to launching Fortius, Shaun completed the industry recognised REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer course which covered a wide range of subjects leading to specific qualifications in nutrition, exercise programming, gym based boxing, spinning and circuit training. He has also attained the Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Studies from the College for Nutrition.

Shaun said: As our lives become ever busier, it’s more important than ever to care for our bodies and our well being. I have a life-long interest in health and fitness but as a former Chief Executive and company director, I am well aware of how difficult it can be to make the time for exercise, to rest and recuperate, and to choose foods that fuel us rather than fool us..

Getting this wrong can adversely affect our posture, our state of mind, our energy levels, our body shape and, ultimately, our health. Getting it right can make the world of difference to our professional and personal lives in many positive ways.

The Hallett family sporting connections also extend to Shaun’s wife, Caryl. She is the stained glass artist who designed and made the Tour de France commemorative installation on Montpellier Hill, Harrogate.

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