A safe safe move after 70 years

2 September 2014

There are times when tradition and the modern world clash heavily as leading Harrogate solicitors Raworths recently discovered in a very big way!

The law firm moved into its present premises at Eton House on Station Parade in the 1930s and a massive safe was installed in a partner’s room.

Time has marched on and the firm has substantially expanded in recent years and is about to add another two members to its Trust, Wills and Estates team, bringing the number of employees to 58.

The one-ton safe negotiating the stairs at Eton House
The one-ton safe negotiating the stairs at Eton House

With less requirement for safes with modern IT and to find room for the increasing number of employees, the safe, weighing in at nearly a ton, had to be removed from the three storey building.

It was so heavy that there were concerns about the structure of the building but the safe departed, probably in the manner it had arrived in the 1930s, with the aid of planks, block and tackle, ropes, chains, acrow jacks and plenty of manpower provided by Withy Grove Stores from Leeds.

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