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14 August 2014

FEVA is still running in Knaresborough. I gave this festival so much love last week I nearly had to fetch it a towel, but once again I really can’t begin to tell you just how awesome I think it is. There is a full list of the hundreds of events they have on at www.feva.info but even if you don’t check that out, it’s well worth just visiting Knaresborough just on the off chance. In the unlikely event that you don’t see something to do with the festival you will still be seeing one of the most beautiful parts of Britain that, when you live in Harrogate, you have to remember is just down the road from our own beautiful town. I was out postering in Knaresborough the other day (yeah, I used to be able to afford to pay people to do that for me didn’t I? I mean, the fact that they just took my money and put the posters in a bin notwithstanding, my life used to be much more “managerial”) and frankly the day was beginning to drag a bit (would YOU like to walk into countless pizza, curry and fish and chip shops and smell all that lovely food without being able to eat it due to your allergic reaction to heart attacks?) so when I happened upon the “Clogarhythm” folk dancers I took 10 minutes off to relax in the sun whilst they did their stuff. It was really nice and very VERY eccentric English, which is what we do best innit bruv? Honestly, it was a high point in an otherwise mundane day. Feva has loads of fun and quirky stuff, is definitely how community arts festivals should be run and is totally worth a visit. Whilst in Knaresborough try a Brandy & Cream Pate sandwich from the Farm Dairy on the Market Square, as regrettably I can’t eat them all and it’s my favourite sandwich ever.

Tonight at Knaresborough’s “ORB Community arts Centre” Tim Hunter has a Prog Show. I’ve not seen Tim live but I have been to other band’s shows he’s put on and they are good gigs so this may be worth checking out if you are feeling Prog rock, even if there are no glittery capes or concepts about dark sides of moons on display. Who knows, maybe there will be?
I managed to get to Henshaw’s on Monday for one of their Urban Beach concerts, and whilst the crud weather meant it wasn’t actually held ON the beach (which looks awesome by the way) it was a really nice night anyway; there are some similar gigs coming up there over the next few days, with the big one for them being Hope & Social at the Urban Beach Finale night on Sunday. Hope & Social have a really good rep and this gig will be a belter, here’s hoping the weather will match!
Before then, on Saturday there is The Annual FEVA Pic-Nic in the Park. I get to play this again this year, due to an administrative oversight one presumes, this years line up looks SWEET! The Matt Goldberg Band are there; I’m looking forward to seeing them again as their summertastic reggae seems like it will be ideal for the afternoon and loads of people have told me that York’s The Detail are an excellent Ska Party band. I’ve not seen Alister’s Theory or Billie Marten yet so I’m looking forward to them too. It’s a “Bring Your Own Pic-Nic” job as there are no food stalls there, so remember to buy local and snack responsibly. If someone wanted to bring a hard working DJ who is giving his time to this event for free as part of his commitment to “Giving a little back to the community from which he has taken so, so very much” a pate sandwich from the Farm Dairy in The Market Place would be ossum. I’ll have it on whole meal with plenty of salad please. And a latte whilst you’re on. And one of them little biscuits you get.
Nary one paragraph ago I mentioned The Matt Goldberg Band, but since I like them I’ll keep going. It seems they got not one, not two, not four, but THREE (3) gigs “round ere” this week. Already told you about FEVA in the Park in K-Town on Saturday, but they are also playing this Friday at Christies and tonight (Thursday) at The Alexandra Pub. Sometimes they like to confuse me by performing as The MG Band, but they didn’t slip through the net this time, go check ‘em out, they are plenty of fun!
Tonight is the dreaded / awesome “A-Level results night, so lots of places are doing “A-Levels Specials” which means that every thing is a bit more Red-Bull style high energy and lovely girls in heels they can’t walk in. I will be living that particular dream playing at Harrogate’s “newest” venue Rift & Co. which readers may remember from 2 weeks ago when it were called Revolution. I like to play there every 2 or 3 months to keep my hand in with the big boys, and its quite nice to be making a debut there under it’s new name as I know they will continue to meet my STRICT rider of 4 latte’s and hour and 7 Rihanna requests per minute. This Saturday I’m back at Rehab, for 7 “Teenage Dirtbag” requests per minute, then Sunday it’s the slightly easier going “request night” which means you can ask for literally whatever you like, safe in the knowledge I will “play it later mate”.
If I don’t see you in the club or at the bar, hopefully I’ll see you at FEVA’s Pic-nic on Saturday; if you want to come up and talk at me and tell me about how poor my punctuat;on is in this article and how I should rethink my life, I’ll be the big tattoo’ed black guy surrounded by body builder types, it would be great to hear from you!
Here are this week’s Listings:
THURSDAY 14th August
Rift & Co. (The Bartist formerly knows as Revolution) Dj Trev 9pm – 2am, A-Level Results, General Party & Bad Behaviour.
The Orb Community Arts Centre, Knaresborough. Prog Rock from Tim Hunter, as part of FEVA.
Henshaw’s Arts & Crafts Centre, Knaresborough present The FEVA Urban Beach: The Whiskey Dogs, Americana, 8pm, tickets £10.
Blues Bar, live music from The Resonators, Free entry.
Viper Rooms Nightclub YOLO R’n’B “A-Levels” Party in conjunction with Moko Lounge.
Lure Bar, YOLO official pre bar.
Rehab Nightclub with Dj Tex. “Urban R’n’B”.
The Alexandra, Live music with The MG Band.
Christies Bar, Pub quiz with Sean McGrath.

FRIDAY 15th August
Henshaw’s Arts & Crafts Centre, Knaresborough present The FEVA Urban Beach: Sand sculpture & Face painting, all day from 11am.
Blue Bar, live music from Motor City Blue, free entry.
Christies Bar, The Matt Goldberg Band Live, Free Entry.
Lure Bar, Shuffle with Toby Skinner. House, Breaks & Funk.
Moko Lounge, Shakalaka Boom Club night.
Rehab Nightclub, “Electro Circus” dance Night. Free entry.
SATURDAY 16th August
Henshaw’s Arts & Crafts Centre, Knaresborough present The FEVA Urban Beach: donkey rides and The Eccentric Gentlemen’s Galleon, all day.
Knaresborough, FEVA’s Pic-nic in the Park, with The Matt Goldberg Band, The Detail, Alister’s Theory and Billie Marten and Dj Trev.
Bilton Working Men’s Club: Elton John Tribute.
Market Tavern, Knaresborough. 3 Speed Live.
Blues Bar, live music with the Jed Thomas Blues Band
Rift & Co. Bar, front bar Dj Tex (Soul & R’n’B), main room Disco Dave (upfront dance and chart) free entry.
Viper Rooms, Angel Lee & Neil Jaques upstairs, Harvey Westwood Downstairs. Door charge applies, or contact the venue for guest list before 11pm.
Moko Lounge, Drop Out house night. Door charge applies, or contact the venue for guest list before 11pm.
Rehab nightclub, two floors of music: Top Floor : Bottom of the Bottle ROCK NIGHT with Jaye Selway 10pm ‘til 4am.Downstairs: Doors open 8pm with Pop & Dance music from Djs Wayne & James. Free entry.

SUNDAY 17th August
Henshaw’s Arts & Crafts Centre, Knaresborough present The FEVA Urban Beach 11.00 am to 3.00 pm – Craft Fair. Free. 4.30 to 9.00 pm – Beach Finale with the wonderful, join-in, knees-up sound of Hope and Social, voted one of the UK’s top five live bands by the Independent newspaper. Fresh from creating the sounds of Yorkshire’s Tour de France celebrations and the Tour of Infinite Possibilities. Tickets £14, concessions £10, bookable viawww.feva.info/programme/buy-online, or from 19 July from Tourist Information Centre, Castle Courtyard, Knaresborough HG5 8AE.
Blues Bar, live all day: Josie Lloyd 3pm, TBC 6pm & Stolen Embers 9pm.
Empress on the stray, Pub quiz every week.
Rehab nightclub, Dj Trev’s Sunday Social.
Viper Rooms. Peek-a-Boo R’n’B night.
Hales Pub, live acoustic night.
Fat Badger, Cold Bath Road, Pub Quiz.

MONDAY 18th August
The Harlow Inn, Otley road, Pub Quiz.
So! Bar, Otley Road, Pub Quiz.
Rehab, late bar.
Blues Bar, fully hosted fully entertaining open mic session, hosted by Pete Oliver.
Moko Lounge nightclub, Karaoke.

TUESDAY 19th August
The Blues Bar with Adam Parker, Danny Kingsly & Jos Brunwin, Free entry.
The Tap n’ Spile pub, folk night.
Pitcher & Piano Re:Session cheap drinks night.
Rehab nightclub, Dj Max Czernic.
Moko Lounge Nightclub, “Skint” main room upfront dance and electro, VIP Room Rock Box Rock night Dj Jaye Selway.
Rift & Co. Bar, “Back to Rev’s” House Night, Half Price Drinks with Toby Skinner.
Coach and Horses Pie and Peas night with proceeds to Martin’s House Children’s Hospice.

WEDNESDAY 20th August
The Harlow Pub “Midweek Madness” pub quiz with Dj Tim Paul.
The Regency Pub, big screen quiz.
Rehab nightclub, Dj Max Czernic. Anything goes party set with Harrogate’s next big hair.
The Blues Bar, live music from the Paul Middleton Angst band .

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.
Trev x x x


  1. Contrary to what is says under the “weekly listing” for Saturday, it IS in fact ME djing the top floor of rehab this week, NOT Jaye Selway. Jaye Selway’s lawyers have been in touch to make sure that was a misprint, as Jay is currently detained at Her Majesties pleasurefollowing a misunderstanding at a library.

  2. Wow, in an UNPRECIDENTED second mistake, I missed out the excellent Geek Pub quiz!
    Probably my fault as my Wackberry 3000 is an unmitigated piece of Crap and EE are making me keep it for another 12 months, like parents who buy you the wrong toy at christmas (my parents never did, as they are ace, whereas EE seem increasingly evil) but in summation my wackberry keeps deleting stuff for no reason, so I lost all my notes…
    However it IS the Geek Pub quiz at Retro Bar tonight (Friday) AND it is the 2nd Birthday party, so should be a banger!

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