Dr Watson I presume, helping raise money for mosquito nets

18 July 2014

A living shop window is helping raise money for mosquito nets.

The Oxford street, Oxfam shop in Harrogate is playing host to its very own mini crime spree that is being investigated by non-other than Sherlock Holmes.

Running from 17 to 19 July 2013  (10am to 5pm), the charity push is featuring many characters from time gone by.

Main cast:

Christopher “Biffy” Greaks – WG Grace
DJ  Trev- Dr Watson
Sam Whitman – Sherlock Holmes the younger
George Miller – Sherlock Holmes in middle age
Troy Scott – Sherlock Holmes in old age
Max Czernik – Chimney sweep
Caroline Bratton-Hughes – Baker Street urchin
Louise McKenner – Irene Adler
Bev Curtis – The eccentric widow McCurtis

Caroline Bratton-Hughes, the manager of Oxfam on Oxford street and a Baker Street urchin, said: I would like to thank the team of both actors and volunteers for their help in making this possible.

It has been a lot of fun and well worth the effort.

Its also helped raise awareness of the need for mosquito nets and the training Oxfam provide for using them.

It’s good to give nets, but using them properly is what saves lives.

More live windows are to come too!

Oxfam on Oxford street
Caroline Bratton-Hughes, the manager of Oxfam on Oxford street in Harrogate
Oxford Street Oxfam
Dj Trev, Louise McKenner and Sam Whitman
Dj Trev, Louise McKenner, Sam Whitman, Caroline Bratton-Hughes and George Miller

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