Harrogate High School welcomes new students with an outstandingly successful induction

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High recently welcomed its new Year 7 students starting in September to a three day induction.

The induction gave students the chance to settle in and get to know staff and fellow students before properly starting in September. Activities over the three days included icebreaking sessions and carousels of learning experiences ranging from team building activities, sports, art, music and dance. Subjects such as religious education, geography and history were introduced along with English, science and maths.

Students met up with peers from other year groups who will be part of their Vertical Mentor Groups; a system which includes students of all years who meet together for 15 minutes each day. The newcomers said it already made them feel a part of the .

Parents were able to watch the on DVD at a coffee afternoon on the final day and commented how much their children had benefitted through being able to meet other students and staff before starting at the school.

Overall it was an outstanding success enjoyed by all students with one saying that he wanted to start straight away!

Mrs McWilliams, Lead Learning Manager for Key Stage 3 organised the induction and was “overcome with how successful it had been in reducing anxiety in our new students.”





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