Tesco hold drop-in session for Skipton Pub development

1 July 2014

Tesco’s are seeking to develop the Skipton public house in Harrogate into a Tesco Express store.

The supermarket chain held a public drop-in session on 24 June 2014 to discuss their plans before they were submitted to Harrogate Borough Council.

The event was held between 4:30pm and 8pm at Bilton Grange Primary School with people being made aware by direct mailing.

The proposals are to develop the main building into a Tesco Express store with a further traffic entrance developed to the site via Bilton Lane, opposite Bilton Grange School. The main building will remain substantially unchanged and will have a typical Tesco Express frontage.

Tesco say that the event was well attended and residents expressed a range of views.

Main points from Tesco:

  • In response to residents’ queries we will be looking at alternative access arrangements from Bilton Lane.
  • Improved landscaping around the site in response to suggestions made by residents.
  • The pub building will not change dramatically, its appearance will be improved and Tesco signage will be added.
  • Following the changes to be made in response to residents’ suggestions, they will submit minor works planning applications to the Council in around one week.
  • If plans are approved, the store will employ up to 20 people and colleagues will work with the community.
  • The One Stop, which is part of Tesco, is fully committed to continuing to serve the local community from the store on Crab Lane, in addition to the proposed new Tesco Express convenience store.
Proposal include an additional entrance for vehicles from Bilton Lane

Tesco spokesperson, Mark Thomas said: I’m grateful to everyone that attended our public consultation and shared their views on our proposals.

vWe will take these views into consideration as we prepare our applications, particularly around an alternative arrangement for access from Bilton Lane, improving the landscaping around the store and providing car parking for the bowling club.

Our store will be a good neighbour to the local community and I thank everyone for their comments on our plans.


UKIP Bilton County Coun David Simister said: I have a number of questions that I will be putting to Tesco when I meet them in a couple of weeks time.

Concerns I will be raising include increased traffic on both Bilton Lane and Skipton Lane and impact this store may have on the superb local shops in the area.

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Tesco have asked for comment by email to nick.jones@glhearn.com

It will also be possible to comment against the planning application with Harrogate Borough Council, once it is made.


  1. We don’t need it there are more than enough one stop shops in the area. Traffic is bad enough there without the extra congestion it will cause. Totally stupid idea!

  2. I’m happy as it gives 20 more people a chance of work also a good opportunity to progress within their company.

  3. The twenty jobs created is not enough for the increase in traffic in the area which is already an exteamly traffic jammed road, Tescos is really not needed at this site already in the area there is a number of small shops, Sainsbury local, aldi yet to open and Tesco planning on opening a large store down the road. I also don’t belive for one minute that they will keep the look of the original building and that not long down the line will forget what they have said and what the community want and their need for increased profits will take over but by then they have their foot in the door.

  4. We do not need more Tesco shops in Harrogate. We are like hostages in shop reality. Morison , Tesco , Asda, Sainsbury . I do not know where are live in beautiful Harrogate or TescoAsdaMorison gate . :-)

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