Play centre searches for Harrogate’s answer to Harry Styles or Ellie Goulding

13 June 2014

Is your child a star performer? Do they dream of a career in show business? If so they could be in luck as Wacky Warehouse on on Lund House Green is looking for tiny talents aged between six and 10 to record a song..

To celebrate its 20th anniversary year, the soft play centre is looking for budding Biebers and Beyonces to join a group of 10 little singers to record the first official Wacky song. The new tune will be heard by thousands of kids up and down the country when they visit any of the 78 play centres and given out in gift bags at birthday parties hosted at Wacky Warehouse.

A-little-girl-plays-in-the-ball-pit-at-Wacky-WarehouseAs well as a once in a lifetime recording opportunity the 10 chosen little singers will also receive unlimited entry into their local Wacky Warehouse for a year and a free family meal.

To apply parents of singing sensations simply need to visit the Wacky Warehouse Facebook page and explain why their child would be the ideal member of Britain’s newest pop group, as well as confirming that they can be available in Rotherham on Saturday 2nd August to record the song. Entries close on Sunday 15 June 2014.


Andrew Harrison, general manager of the Squinting Cat on Lund House Green said: Having listened to hundreds of renditions of happy birthday in recent years I know there’s some real talent in Harrogate.

The new Wacky Warehouse super group is sure to be a huge amount of fun – and who knows, in the same way Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club at one time included Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera we could be recording the first public performances of the stars of the next 10 to 15 years.

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