Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust want your views on how to improve patient discharge from hospital

4 June 2014

Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust is asking the public to help it to improve discharge from Harrogate District Hospital.

Whilst the hospital does very well in patient surveys, discharge is one area where people say it could improve and the Trust has decided to carry out a project to see what it can do to respond positively to this feedback.

Angela Monaghan, Chief Nurse, said: We are keen to hear more about people’s real life experiences of being discharged from hospital. We want to review with partners, patients, relatives and carers the work the Trust has been undertaking to improve the experience of discharge for hospital patients, and to work together to agree what our priorities for the future should be.

Your insights and experiences will help to:

  • Share the successes the Trust and its partners have already achieved to improve discharge;
  • Listen to patients, service users, carers and partner organisations about their first hand experiences;
  • Raise awareness among colleagues of the barriers and issues which may lead to a poor experience of discharge;
  • Identify advocates who will help the trust to continuously improve discharge from hospital services.

Gathering the views of local people will help the Trust to decide where to focus its efforts and people can share their stories by contacting Debbie Cawthorne on 01423 555679 or at debbie.cawthorne@hdft.nhs.uk


Mrs Monaghan added: Discharge is as important a part of the patient experience as the clinical care or the way staff talk to people.

That’s why we want to collect the views of the most important people, the patients themselves and their families and carers.

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