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Over 250 young people from seven to 18-years-old in and district look after someone at home.

Many of these young carers are still at primary but every day they care for someone in their family who has an illness, disability or addiction. Before they go to , they might help a parent or a brother or sister to wash and dress. After school, they might have to go shopping and prepare the evening meal.

Soroptimist International and District heard about an 11-year-old carer who said that, because of his responsibilities, “I can’t have fun or be silly. I have to be sensible. I can’t mess about.”
Laura Winfield, of Young Carers at the Carers Resource in Harrogate, gave a talk to the Soroptimists whose new president Andrea Trimmer chose them as her for this year.

The responsibilities of caring affect the lives of young carers and the provides help and support through mentoring trips, activities and residential weekends.

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If you are interested in joining the Soroptimists, contact the membership officer at or see or find the club on facebook.

Main photograph: From right – Laura Winfield, of Young Carers, with Andrea Trimmer, President of Soroptimist International Harrogate and District.

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