Letter: Cancer drugs or road re-surfacing?

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I was horrified this morning to listen to discussions on breakfast TV, ref the new Cancer Drug Kadcyla and how Roche pharmaceutical will not reduce the £90.000 price tag so that all women suffering from this disease would benefit from extra months of life.
Yet, here in Yorkshire, we are quite happy to spend thousands of pounds on the re-surfacing of roads, filling in of potholes,(which have been damaging our cars for years), streets and roads to be closed off, people disrupted all because the “Tour De France” is coming to England, and now all of a sudden,, repairs are now being carried out! Not to mention, the cost of Policing and medical services who will be required to deal with all of the of people who will be watching the TDF.
Why develop a drug that is so expensive to be used by all and not just those who will be able to afford it! Give people hope then dash their dreams!!
I know where I would rather the money was spent!
Susan Harker

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