Harrogate photographers to create Tour de France archive

18 April 2014

A group of Harrogate photographers is to create a photographic record of the 2014 Tour de France which will be available for the public to see later in the year.

Harrogate Photographic Society is working with the Harrogate Council to capture images, not only of the event itself, but also of the activities surrounding the event, including the many ongoing community projects in the town.

The society has a membership of 120 and more than 30 of them with a range of specialist skills will be starting work from the end of March to photograph a whole range of activities.

Reina van den Hoek, president elect of Harrogate Photographic Society said: The Tour de France is much more than the race itself and will have a major impact on Harrogate and its people on more than just the race days. We plan to capture as much as we can and create an exhibition, a photographic record and an archive for Harrogate. We want people to contact us about what they are doing.

The group expects to capture community and business projects, the build up of facilities, the race day events and of “getting back to normal” on the days following. People will feature very heavily.

Harrogate Council will be introducing the photographers to the various community groups who are already involved in Tour de France projects but anyone including businesses who wishs their activities to be included in the photographic project should contact Harrogate Photographic Society directly by email at tour@harrogatephotographicsociety.co.uk

Pedal Power at The Half Moon Knaresborough by Mike Hudson

Multicultural Race by Mike Hudson

Race or Ride by Richard Bown

Carnival Dancer by Richaed Bown

1940s Day Pin Curls by Graham Roberts

Pedal Power at The Half Moon Knaresborough by Mike Hudson

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