Gateways School Early Years hatches eleven chicks to welcome in the Spring

1 April 2014

Last week Gateways School Early Years pupils were delighted to welcome some new arrivals into their midst.

They had taken delivery of 12 chick eggs from Hatch-It in York and they brought the eggs in. They were kept in an incubator, kindly donated by Friends of Gateways, and overnight on Wednesday eleven chicks hatched. The children made ‘chick-cams’ to make sure that the eggs were safe and created posters of rules saying ‘Please do not touch’ and ‘Remember to wash your hands’.

The children have been helping to care for the chicks, monitoring what they are eating and watching them grow and develop. The chicks will be collected at the end of this week and taken to live on a farm. Lots of photographs have been taken of the chicks while they have been resident at Gateways and the children will be making a book to remember them by.

Carol Bartle, Head of Early Years at Gateways, said: It has been a lovely thing to do particularly at this time of year and has tied in with our study topic of animals and new life. It has been wonderful seeing the children interact with the chicks and extending their vocabulary and understanding.

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