Choir to use fundraising day to support victims of Harrogate fire

26 March 2014

A popular choir will use a fundraising event in central Harrogate this weekend to raise money for the people made homeless by last week’s fire on Albert Street.

Rock Up and Sing! was already planning to offer lunches, cakes and drinks, along with some performances, at St Peter’s Church in the town centre this Saturday, March 29, to raise money for its youth choir.

However, after hearing about the people who lost their homes and all their possessions in the devastating fire on March 18, members decided it was a perfect opportunity to show their support and share the proceeds of the event with victims of the fire.

Rock Up Sing! Harrogate

Musical director Rhiannon Gayle said: We were all completely shocked by last week’s fire and the impact on the people who lived in the flats affected has been awful.

However, when we saw how well the town rallied around the victims to ensure they had clothes, toiletries, food and everything else they needed in the following days, it reminded us what a fantastic town we live in. As well as serving some lovely food, we’re looking forward to performing on Saturday and we hope everyone who calls in to listen will make a contribution to the fund.

The day of food and performances at St Peter’s Church was organised long before the fire, in order to raise money for Rock Up and Sing!’s youth choir. It does not charge a membership fee, because Rhiannon believes all young people should have the chance to sing and perform together, so fundraising is essential to cover its costs.

There will be refreshments served from 9am to 3.30pm, including soup and sandwiches for lunch, and the choir’s supporters will be collecting donations throughout the day.

Rock Up Sing! Harrogate

Around 60 adult members of Rock Up and Sing!’s adult groups will be performing at 11am, while members of the youth choir are hoping to sing at 3pm. The repertoire will include current and classic pop and rock songs which will appeal to people of all ages.

All proceeds will be split between the youth choir and the fund for victims of the Albert Street fire.

Donations of cash, vouchers and soft furnishings are still being collected at NatWest bank on Cambridge Crescent, just around the corner from St Peter’s Church, which is open until 2pm on Saturday. Anyone who wants to donate but can’t get into town before then can leave their contribution with Rock Up and Sing! at St Peter’s Church to be passed on to the bank.

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