Youth arrested following drugs search on Harrogate property

4 March 2014

Harrogate police attended a house on St John’s Road in the town at 9am on Tuesday 4 March 2014.

A 17-year-old youth was subsequently arrested on suspicion of producing cannabis.

Officers remained at the property for a number of hours and recovered a small number of cannabis plants and large amount equipment used to grow them.

If you have any information that can help officers with any drugs related enquiries, they can be contacted on the non-emergency number of 101.

In some cases the smell of cannabis can be apparent near to a property used for growing the drug – any suspicions should be reported to the police.

If you prefer not to give your name, Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Part of the drugs growing equipment recovered by the police
Part of the drugs growing equipment recovered by the police


  1. You shouldn’t inform the police. It’s none of your business, and neither is it theirs, what you do in the privacy of your own home.

    It’s incidents like this that make me sick of living in this country.

  2. It’s incidents like these that make our country what it is! If you smell it! Why have our children growing up on streets that smell of cannabis and drugs? You would have to be senseless not to report it! It’s not called “grassing” or “snitching” it’s called being a human being and looking after the generation that will eventually take over from us!

  3. Arrested for a few plants?? So now this lad is going to fund more crime by giving dealers his money because he cant grow it….or he’ll just follow society and get drunk instead. The recent events in the area showing the devastating effects of drinking, smoking is alot safer, whether its legal or not.
    Its just cannabis!! Literally the safest recreational drug known to man!!! This country sucks for punishing people like this :(

  4. The Government have fooled people into believing that cannabis is harmful to society, when in fact it is what could bring everyone together. It is a fact that cannabis is the least harmful drug known to man, and has recently been proven to cure cancer! Do some research for yourselves instead of believing a load of lies!

  5. Funny how when it was a class C it was being reviewed by scientific advisers to the government. The advisers suggested it should be de-criminalised, instead the gov made it a class B. Makes no sense. It’s not dangerous.

  6. My uncle smoked cannabis his whole life and this was connected to his onset of schizophrenia, the drugs made his condition a hell of a lot worse, increased paranoia and delusions. He killed himself, aged 38 unable to live with it anymore. He had 3 beautiful daughters and a grandchild on the way, he was my mum’s world. His Dad, my Grandad passed away a few months later of natural causes, at 63, his heart was broken after his son’s death. Anyone who tells me cannabis is harmless, I tell them about my Uncle and the effects cannabis had on him and my family. Not all harmful effects are physical. Fair enough, it’s not proven his condition was CAUSED by cannabis but it was definitely worsened. Just like any drug it effects every person differently, a minority, just like my Uncle it can be fatal towards, this is why it should remain illegal, to protect this minority of people.

  7. Absolutely pathetic that police time is wasted on something so harmless, when real crimes with real victims go unsolved! Anyone with half a brain knows cannabis is about as dangerous as coffee, even many of the police who perform these operations. Stop wasting police time on victimless crimes!

  8. Cannabis use disorder is defined in the fifth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Cannabis use is associated with social and behavioural problems, and carries a risk to mental and physical health.

    In terms of the victims of cannabis use, it is the people around the drug user who are effected. It is responsible for the breakdown of family life.

    Anyone who has been around a cannabis drug user will have seen the personality change in them – especially the onset of paranoia.

    I am fully behind the police enforcing the law and they have done a good job in this case.

  9. Some of these comments are hilarious, people saying how weed is bad, no weed is fine I used to smoke it all the time, I smoke it rarely now and still it’s better than alcohol. Others saying theyre wanting to protect the generation of kids, you mean the kids who are pregnant? Maybe the kids who live on games consoles? Oh you mean those kids that are going to try drugs, isn’t it self explanatory … If I kid is going to try drugs the law of anything is going to increase the chances, as that makes it riskier and more fun, weed isn’t wrong it’s society!

  10. If you do anything everyday of your life it will make a difference to your life. Smokin weed everyday May effect some people differently and lead to schizaphrenia in some but not all. It’s always the sob stories and most hard hittin emotionally that get broadcast to pull on your heart strings but really there are less than a handful of these stories. Alcohol – is the biggest problem causer, most money is wasted clearing up the place and dealin with antisocial behaviour. Peanuts kill more people than canabis. Why don’t we stop people who grow peanuts!

  11. So come to my house and I’ll hack your legs of and chain you up. That’s ok because its in the privacy of my own home so no-one elses business.

    Great thinking. Go back to your joints.

  12. Cannabis could be controlled, therefore strains of the plant could be made to produce less THC if it was regulated, just like alcohol is.

    How many people are in the hospital on a weekend with alcohol related injuries compared to cannabis related injuries??

    Mental disorders are associated with cannabis use, yes, but it is a minority, compared to the number of people using it for its medicinal/recreational purposes and still being of sound mind.

    The health problems associated with alcohol are far worse, especially when you talk about others around you eg, family, relationships.
    The research isn’t conclusive when governments will only fund it to prove its downfalls and side effects.
    Cannabis is safer than alcohol, simple!

  13. Matt and John.

    So what you’re saying is that because my family are a minority we don’t matter…?

    The majority of our problems in this world come from not believing a minority are important… racism being the main one that comes to mind. The father of my soon-to-be-born child is also a heavy cannabis smoker, if he continues my child is going to grow up without a father as he is emotionally unstable and unpredictable, I have grown up with him and this all started when the weed smoking commenced, his family continually worry and are effected by his behaviour and he has lost all his friends due to the extremity of his habit and the negative impact its had on his personality…but of course he doesn’t matter, along with his family and my potentially fatherless unborn child because he’s just a “minority”.

    Only a very small number of people get pancreatic cancer, so why should we waste time and money on curing this minority right?

    You honestly don’t think about what you’re saying do you?

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