Sam Cross (Filey) and David Simister (Harrogate, Bilton & Nidd Gorge)
Sam Cross (Filey) and David Simister (Harrogate, Bilton & Nidd Gorge)

UKIP call for single Council for all of North Yorkshire

5 February 2014

Ukip County Councillors Call For Creation Of Unitary Authority

North Yorkshire’s Ukip county councillors are calling for the creation of a unitary authority.

Sam Cross (Filey) and David Simister (Harrogate, Bilton & Nidd Gorge), have put forward a notice of motion to the Full Council meeting on Wednesday, February 19, to investigate the creation of either one single-tier authority, or two smaller all-encompassing bodies, to administer the region.

The move would result in the abolition of the county council and the seven district councils – Harrogate, Selby, Scarborough, Craven, Richmondshire, Ryedale and Hambleton – saving the tax payers millions of pounds a year.

Coun Cross (pictured left) said: Government funding is making it increasingly difficult for the county council to balance its books, and as a result it is having to make cuts across all services.

This week the Council’s Executive has announced a 1.9 per cent rise in council tax, but it will not generate enough revenue to make a significant difference.

Brave decisions need to be taken, and that is why we are calling on the Council to back this notice of motion.

Currently North Yorkshire has eight authorities, each with its own chief executive and senior directors, all of whom receive executive pay packets. Departments are not just duplicated, they are ‘octoplicated’!

County Hall
North Yorkshire County Hall

County Councillor Simister (pictured right) said: My county council division, which encompasses three district council wards, is represented by eight councillors – two county councillors and six district councillors.

Unitary authority status would see this number being reduced to a maximum of three

By becoming a single-tier authority there are huge savings to be made and I believe it will result in better public services.

Our notice of motion calls for the county council to take the lead role in talks with the seven district councillors and explore the creation of one, new authority or even two – made up of Harrogate, Richmondshire and Craven, and Selby, Ryedale Scarborough and Hambleton.

What we don’t want to here are reasons why it can’t be done, but reasons why it can be done!

Take part in the poll and tell us what you think ?

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Proposition: To create a Unitary Authority in North Yorkshire

That North Yorkshire County Council initiates talks with the six borough councils of Harrogate, Scarborough, Selby, Craven, Ryedale, Hambleton and Richmondshire, to create a Unitary Authority of North Yorkshire; to open dialogue with Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, and the District Councils to facilitate a new authority.

In these austere times, this is the only way we can make true savings for the electorate in the future and maintain frontline services.

I hope for full support of this motion.

Proposer: County Councillor David Simister, (Ukip, Harrogate, Bilton & Nidd Gorge)

Seconder: County Councillor Sam Cross (Ukip, Filey)

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  1. I think it would be a good idea to make North Yorkshire a unitary authority. This should also include Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and the parts of Stockton south of the River Tees. These areas are already unitary authorities since Cleveland county was abolished in 1996. They now form part of the historic and ceremonial county of North Yorkshire and I believe they should be formally returned to Yorkshire as they were prior to 1974 as part of UKIP’s proposals.

    Mr Jason Cutler
    UKIP Member

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