A soggy Knaresborough Duck Race 2014

3 January 2014

The 2014 Knaresborough Duck Race went ahead despite awful conditions on New Years Day.

Due to the weather the number of spectators on the day was understandably far less than usual which resulted in correspondingly lower sales.

Approximately 1/3 of the ducks went unsold.

The organisers, Knaresborough Cricket Club, have said they would like to thank everyone who helped on and turned out to watch on the day.

As a result of lower sales, we pulled out the first 15 ducks, in the knowledge that some would be unsold. We felt this was a very fair way of doing things. The numbers of the winning ducks are:

Winning numbers 376, 311, 1117, 3461, 1112, 1168, 2669, 839, 270, 3804, 793, 230, 1737, 224, 2470.

All proceeds from the day will go to Henshaws Society for the Blind.

Knaresborough Duck Race1008
The ducks start the race!
Knaresborough Duck Race1007
Wet weather gear was the order of the day
Knaresborough Duck Race1011
Bob bobbing along
Knaresborough Duck Race1009
The winning duck is picked from the river
Knaresborough Duck Race1010
Not all ducks were co-operative and some needed a little help

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