Criminal caught redhanded on camera

20 August 2013

A criminal caught on camera in the act of breaking into a property in Harrogate has been remanded in custody.

Inspector Andy Chapman of North Yorkshire Police has written to Harrogate Borough Council’s Community Safety & CCTV Manager, to thank the member of the CCTV team who played an important part in this arrest.

Inspector Andy Chapman said:

This was a joint effort and an excellent response to a fast moving incident. It is a rare event to catch a house burglar on premises which we achieved because the CCTV operative kept the suspect in view through Valley Gardens after a description had been passed.

He directed officers towards him until he disappeared into woodland.

Officers searched this area and heard the sound of smashing glass which was the offender breaking into an executive house in the vicinity of Cornwall Road. He was arrested as he came out of the house with stolen property.

Had it not been for the vigilance and interest of the CCTV operator the outcome may not have been the same. I would like to pass on my congratulations and thanks.

The householder although shocked has been reassured by the fact the offender has been caught.

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