BDO World Champion exhibition a scorching success

23 July 2013

Yorkshire born and bred Scotty 2 Hotty Waites, current and reigning BDO Darts world champion enjoyed a fun packed evening of darts at the new look Manhattan Club, Harrogate.

18 Local darts players had taken the opportunity through a series of knock out events at the Manhattan Club to have a once in a lifetime game against the current world champion.

Scotty Waites born 17th February 1977 first major darting success came in February 2007 with victory at the popular Dutch Open, an event which attracted nearly 3000 entries. He also took the Welsh Masters title in March 2007 and earlier reached the final of the 2007 Scottish Open.


The PDC took note and confirmed on 13 August 2007 via the official PDC website, that as Scotty was the highest ranked non-qualifier in the BDO an had accepted an invitation to compete in the inaugural Grand Slam of Darts, the only cross code invite only competition.

Scotty has had plenty of success in the darts world since his beginnings as a “Pub Player” including the 2010 Grand Slam of Darts , World Masters 2011, and the ultimate prize the Wold Championship in 2013.

Scotty has had the opportunity to cross codes “PDC” on numerous occasions but as he said during the evening and in a questions and answers session, “I love darts, but the professional circuit, although enticing loses the one thing I love about the game. It’s for everyone, friends, supporters, family. The PDC has lost this enjoyable quality”

The games played on the night were full of fun and trick shots including throwing darts backwards, throwing for a double through pieces of paper, and using straws as flights, Scotty started the evening with a maximum “180” which was roundly cheered by the crowd.

The evening was a great success with all players and the audience involved in how a night out in Yorkshire should be. Food, drinks, and entertainment, the venue could not have been better suited for this type of occasion.

Yorkshire born and bred Scotty 2 Hotty Waites, current and reigning BDO Darts world champion
Yorkshire born and bred Scotty 2 Hotty Waites, current and reigning BDO Darts world champion

A photo opportunity was made available to all players and spectators during the evening including the chance to get your hands on the famous world darts trophy, held in the past by the likes of Eric Bristow, Jocky Wilson, and Phil Taylor.

All in all an enjoyable evening of darts and stories, even if some of the questions at the end of a well lubricated evening were not printable. Many thanks go to the vent organisers and to Scotty 2 Hotty Waites for ensuring everyone felt included, and with his end of evening advice stated in the words of a true world champion “never give up” finishing with, “if you have enjoyed the evening, I am Scotty Waites, if not, then I am Ted Hanky… good night”

You can follow Scotty on Twitter and Facebook, and also support your local club by following the Manhattan on look out for more great events at the Manhattan coming soon.

The Manhattan supports local teams in the area, and welcomes new players of pool, snooker, and darts.

It could be you next, get involved.

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