Accident during motorcycle display team performance at Great Yorkshire Show

10 July 2013


There was a minor accident today (10 July 2013) during a display in the main arena at the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate.

The Royal Signals Motorcycle display team, the White Helmets have been performing a stunt display during the show when there was a minor accident.

One of the riders, who was riding sat backwards had to take avoiding action to avoid another rider who had fallen.

Captain Alex McPhun explains in the video.



  1. Hope he I gets better soon, me and my family were there and it looked very painful, if you could tell
    me the news by replying I would be very great full, thank you!

  2. Very pleased to hear that he is OK and hopefully will be back with the team tomorrow. I was worried as he appeared to be having a nasty fit immediately after falling off and then became motionless.
    Credit to the Captain & Paramedic team for taking swift & decisive action to stop the display and attend to his injuries.

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