Harrogate prom night warning

Harrogate Police appeal to school leavers to act responsibly tonight

Reports have been circulating of an after prom party being held tonight for school leavers at a Harrogate nightclub in breach of licensing regulations.

Insp Bruce Prendergast has urged prom goers to act responsibly and return home at the end of the official school events.

Insp Bruce Prendergast said:

I would wish to congratulate the pupils of local schools on their efforts and successes throughout the academic year, and wish them an enjoyable evening at their official planned events. Unfortunately, the event that has been brought to our attention planned at a club in Harrogate appears to be at best irresponsible, and potentially a breach of licensing regulations.

We will be taking robust action in partnership between licensing officers and the local community police officers to ensure that there is a highly visible police presence at this club, and in the local area. If necessary action will be taken to close the venue. We are therefore asking everyone to enjoy a safe and responsible night out, and for parents and pupils to consider returning home directly from their own school organised events.

Anyone attending any licensed premises in Harrogate can expect to be required to produce valid identification. Those producing borrowed or false ID will have it seized by accredited door staff, and risk committing criminal offences that could result in arrest.


Julia Stack of the Community Safety & CCTV Manager said:

From a community safety perspective we want people to act responsibly when they have a night out.

To think about how they behave and to consider before they go out how they will get home.

Keep valuables safe at all times particularly mobile phones.

CCTV monitoring takes place in the town centres and acts as a tool to prevent and detect crime, they also provide reassurance. The cameras can also see when people are behaving irresponsibly and will report incidents direct to North Yorkshire Police.

Enjoy your night out, act responsibly…Don’t Spoil the Party







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