Chief Constable, Dave Jones and the police and crime commissioner, Julia Mulligan
Chief Constable, Dave Jones and the police and crime commissioner, Julia Mulligan

Major crime unit to be based in Harrogate

13 June 2013

Plans have been announced plans to invest in an improved and dedicated Major Crime Unit based in Harrogate.

North Yorkshire Police have said a the unit will be a £300,000 investment and will tackle serious crime and help preserve community policing.

Due to open in October 2013, the enhanced unit will investigate murder and other serious violent and sexual crimes. Moreover, it will also help protect visible frontline policing by reducing the need to divert officers away from local Safer Neighbourhood policing teams.

The announcement comes from the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan and new Chief Constable Dave Jones.


Chief Constable Dave Jones with Police and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan
Chief Constable Dave Jones with Police and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan


Chief Constable Dave Jones – who has an extensive detective background – has hailed the decision as a very significant move.

Chief Constable Dave Jones said:

The development of the Major Crime Unit is a very positive step for the communities we serve.

As a former head of crime myself, I can say with confidence that the unit will improve major crime investigation and support for the people we are here to help and protect.

Importantly, the demands of major investigations on local Safer Neighbourhood and CID teams will be greatly reduced, meaning day-to-day policing will not be as adversely affected should a serious incident occur.

With the support of our Police and Crime Commissioner, I am determined to build on the existing strengths of North Yorkshire Police and ensure we deliver the best possible service for our communities.

Julia Mulligan, the Police and Crime Commissioner, explained why the enhanced unit is so important in delivering her plan and keeping her promises to local people:

 Julia Mulligan said:

We have a clear vision to ensure North Yorkshire continues to be one of the safest counties in England. The public has also made it very clear that they want me to do all I can to protect local policing during these austere times.

This is why the enhanced Major Crime Unit is such good news – not only will it improve North Yorkshire Police’s ability to tackle serious crime, but it will also help prevent local police being pulled away on investigations.

It is particularly fitting that Chief Constable Dave Jones has taken this operational decision at the very start of his tenure, given his background and experience in both community policing and major crime.

The investment in the Major Crime Unit follows the recent opening of the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in York, as well as the decision earlier this month to establish a Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub and Central Referral Unit serving the county of North Yorkshire and the City of York.

All three developments are the result of significant, strategic investment in the reconfiguration and modernisation of the Crime Directorate of North Yorkshire Police, which is being led by the recently appointed Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Mason.

The enhanced Major Crime Unit sees the re-appointment to North Yorkshire Police of Detective Superintendent Dai Malyn, who Det Chief Supt Mason described as “a highly effective senior investigative manager who will bring a wealth of experience to the role”.


The enhanced and dedicated Major Crime Unit will:

  • Develop the specialist investigative skills of officers and police staff dedicated to the unit through exposure to a greater range of serious enquiries and access to centralised training services
  • Provide the most effective response to major crime
  • Minimise abstractions (movement of resources) from visible frontline policing including Safer Neighbourhood policing teams
  • Enable immediate mobilisation and deployment of a dedicated investigative resource independent of other demands, including crimes in action such as kidnap
  • Have responsibility for the oversight and ownership of undetected live and historic major enquiries, including review and re-investigation where appropriate

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