Video: Knaresborough Bed Race

9 June 2013

Knaresborough Bed Race 2013 – The fastest team were the Harrogate Harriers who won in an eye-popping 13 minutes 10 seconds, nearly 50 seconds faster than team number two, Ripon Runners, who recorded 13 minutes 59 seconds. Planet Steel were third in 14 minutes dead just a second behind. Nidd Valley Men’s came in at 14.13 minutes and fifth were Guardian Alarms at 15.05. Harrogate Harriers recaptured their title of fastest team lost last year to their fiercest rivals from Ripon.

Ripon Runners for Girls won the female event in 16 minutes 13 seconds, repeating their success of last year, coming in just ahead of HPL Flyers who clocked 16 minutes 19 seconds. The Ripon team came 16th overall and HPL were one place behind in 17th. Fastest new team were Half Moon Knaresborough Striders in 16 minutes 54 seconds and the quickest mixed team were Wyrill’s Whirlwind in 18 minutes 26 seconds.





Fastest junior male team were Seven Peas in a Pod in 16 minutes 59 seconds (22nd overall) and fastest junior girls team were Knaresborough Celtic Girls in 21 minutes 2 seconds, coming in 83rd in the field of 91 teams.

First Scriven Scouts had the Best Dressed Bed, Lido Loonies came second and St John’s Juggernauts came third in what was considered to have been the highest overall quality throughout the race field. Interpreting the theme ‘Myths and Legends’, many teams used imagination and technical skill to come up with a stupendous array of designs.

Most Entertaining Team were Killer Queens Nipper Men.

The Lion’s believe they had the biggest ever crowd, way above 30,000 people in Knaresborough. The day was largely an unblemished success from 9 am when the teams started arriving at the Castle, through to 4pm when the last teams came in from the gruelling 2.4 mile course.

It shows what communities can do when they pull together Р Knaresborough Lions would like to thank all the sponsors of the event, the police, council, St John Ambulance and other groups, volunteers, and of course the hundreds of runners and riders, dancers and marching bands who made the event such an unforgettable experience.

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