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9 May 2013

Dj Trev in Rehab in Harrogate


M.F.O.R. are a band of rockers who’ve been playing in Harrogate decades and tonight they are down at the Alex, doing their mix of covers, some old, some new and some “when did this come out?”. It’s the main spot for live music on Thursdays and they have started selling Brooklyn Beer, which tastes of victory. Unless you are a massive loser, in which case it probably tastes of a draw.

“Zumbalicious” is a Zumba night on this evening, early doors starting at 8pm at Rehab. It’s £6 which goes to charity, tonight with a free bonus Salsa demonstration and mini class at the End. Afterwards people can stick around for the regular Rehab Thursday night and get drinks for £2 all night with their wristband. Thursdays at Rehab run across 2 floors from 10pm, Tex is upstairs playing music I don’t like and I’m downstairs playing music everyone else doesn’t like so everyone is happy. So long as they are not listening to me.

Viper Rooms has, as ever, “YOLO” club night for the students, whilst Revolution offers upfront tuneage courtesy of wobbling fringe maniac disco Dave, ideal for anyone in the mood for a cocktail out of a tea pot. Betwixt and between them are Montey’s, for the fussball and Lure, for Max’s wondercocktail that I once again had on Tuesday, and once again can’t remember what the deuce it’s called. But it is WELL good.



I’ve got a couple of top tips for Friday and if you are into it, you can do both of them. I’m not guaranteeing you will have an awesome night if you follow my instructions, as after all, you may smell like TCP and people may eschew your company, but that has never stopped me having a good time.

Top tip the first: Harrogate live music LEGEND Jason Feddy is playing at Christies; his shows attract people who have one foot in the “muso” camp and another foot in the “problem drinker” caravan, so they are always fun. Support comes from Matt Goldberg so it’s a full evening… I’ve not seen Jason Feddy play since the days of buying his classic “I thought the moon was meant for me” album, as regrettably he moved to America or something and only plays weekend nights on his return and, obvs, I’m busy with my hectic schedule of scraping a living at being unsuccessful, but if I could be there for this, I totally would. Then I’d go up the road to…

Top tip the second: Retro Bar on Commercial Street sees a welcome return of a night called Blood & Thunder. This is run by one of the key faces of Harrogate’s Metal Scene, Jamie Bramhall, it’s all the good stuff down the heavier thrashier end of the metal Spectrum, so expect a night of Pantera, Slayer, Megadeath and awesome people who like that kind of music.

Clearly Fridays have a lot on as at Zoso tonight there is DJ Martin Dodsworth playing after a headline set by Unity Reggae band. On before them are Tre Songsa’day, Lence, & Isis D. This starts at 8pm and entry is free. I’m only saying this isn’t my top tip as I’m not a massive Reggae fan, though I did got to a similar night last week and it was really good, but I will allude to that later, as I looked tragic.

The Den has started a live night of Piano music on Fridays with Dan Burnett, he does piano versions of songs you know, plus some jazz and funky stuff, I guess this is quite a cool “grown up” night… I ain’t gonna lie, I’m not sure about how well Piano music and Pool tables will work together, but Luke makes a mean cocktail behind the bar, and there’s some fit girls who work there too. Which is what it’s all about really innit? Also, I like their food. But they need to put their Tuna Melt on the menu, as it tastes like what god would eat if he wanted a tuna melt.

Rehab, Viper, Revolution, Moko and Lure all offer more mainstream clubbing options, and number 19 has Karaoki on, I think, if the hand written flyer I saw in Mainline Taxi’s office is accurate. It WAS written in Biro, the pen for definite facts…



Out of the town centre Police covers act The Rozzers are playing at the Bilton Working Mens Club, they seem to be doing quite a few gigs there now and certainly always have plenty on.

In the town proper there’s live music at The Blues Bar, with The Jed Thomas Blues Band every Saturday, but I’ve still not managed to work out at what time. I should have, in retrospect, asked what time they play when I was in there on Sunday, but I was enjoying their Ska-reggae band and was in one of those “work can kiss it” moods. I was drinking Redstripe, so perhaps if you see me drinking Redstripse at any point in time you could come over to remind me I’m attempting to be a serious journalist, which involves more than pretending I’m Jamaican and saying “Beer Can”, whilst holding my “beer-can” and saying “it’s how they say Bacon” as this is embarrassing for everyone around.

My top tip for Saturday would be monthly house night Playtime, which returns this week to Zoso with guest DJ Simon Morell alongside the residents. Zoso is perfect for this kind of night as it’s small and intimate, ideal for a night of proper house music without any pretentiousness, just good tunes. Entry is free too, which is a bonus! This night always gets a top tip from me, as it’s how I like to see nights run: by local guys who do it for the love, doing their very best to bring what they are passionate about to Harrogate’s clubbing scene. If you like House music get into it and support the night so that these kind of events can carry on.

If it’s a nice day, Revolution’s beer garden is a great place to sit and waste your life. But let’s face it, if sitting in the sun drinking booze is wasting your life, what else are you going to do that’s better? Come up with a financial plan that is going to save the worlds crumbling economy? I’d like to see you try.

On Saturday’s at Rehab Dj Wayne plays Faithless “Insomnia” whist James Oliver plays other upfront dance music. On the top floor Dj Pieman does alternative pop and rock, and will definitely give you a good shout out. If you own a pizza shop. Both floors get buys and are free to get in.

If you fancy a game of pool with a really good musical soundtrack, The Den has got me Djing there this week, so you can get a game of pool at least.

Viper Rooms offers slightly more exclusive clubbing, while over the road Moko is a bit more come one come all, with good quality DJ’s who’s names I don’t know.

Darren J Daz DJ’s at Lure on Saturdays, dunno what Daz is playing there these days, but it gets busy so he must be doing something right.



Viper’s regular Sunday club night Peekaboo has an event on called “Association Vol. 3 Launch Party”. I understand the words, just not in that order. Is it an album launch night? I’ve no idea, but that’s not a first.

The Fat Badger runs their pub quiz on Sundays, which my girlfriend says is awesome, but she does work there so is probably biased, something you could never say about me.

I play at Rehab on Sundays and it’s the best night ever, and if you go it makes you more popular and gives you better muscle definition.



Dj Pieman’s pub quiz is always on at The Alex, with free Chillie for those taking part, it’s only like a quid or something, whilst Mr Tom Kellet runs an open mic night at Zoso. This week expect an amusing anecdote about how he chipped me from 30 yards at football last week. Don’t expect an anecdote about how I then chipped him from 50 (F.I.F.T.Y.) yards to make his effort look distinctly Stoke City… I seem to have got side tracked here, also on Monday nights Moko has their Karaoki night.

Revolution and the Slug and Lettuce do half price food on Mondays, loads of my mates go there and I’m only mates with nice people, so try em out? Last week on Monday I went to The Imperial for a Chinese banquet. I think it was like, 12 quid or something and for that price it was really superb. If you’ve never been, rather than running it as a buffet, they cook everything fresh and as such it tastes fantastic, so whilst you do tend to over eat, a food baby still feels really good.



Tuesday 14th May has a play on, just for the one night at Harrogate Theatre entitled “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs”. Regular readers of this column will know how I love the legitimate arts almost as much as I enjoy previewing them – and this play, about Steve Jobs, will be a play that tells of the Agony and Ecstasy of him, the things he did, made and said. Probs.

There is the Folk night at the Tap n’ Spile every Tuesday, but if you couldn’t give a folk about that, at the club end of the spectrum Moko has a night two rooms, one with Jay Selway’s Rock Box and the other with a really good commercial DJ doing good upfront stuff. I didn’t see who it was playing when I was in there but both rooms were playing good stuff. It was free in for me, so it might be free in, or you might have to be just, great, great looking to get in free. I dunno. Such is the eternal curse of people who like me. Are people just being nice, or are they trying to sleep with me? Probably both.

People who don’t want to sleep with me go to the Regency in the evening as they have the official pre-pub of Jay’s rock box night and thus probably want to sleep with Jay.

The Electro Jam continues at Zoso on Tuesdays and is a nice night out. They seem to rotate the Djs more often now so if you don’t like what one jock is doing you don’t have to wait long for another to be on. Hardcore Dave plays some hardcore too, which is something you don’t get enough of in Harrogate, so mad props to him and all the Harrogate Hardcrew.



Dj Pieman is on at Rehab on Wednesdays and honestly, that looks like the only thing that happens on Wednesdays. If you have an event, ideally on a Wednesday, please god let me know so I can list it. I’m on facebook.com/djtrev cos as it stands Ima have to tell you about next Thursday’s “Queen of the Dance” show on at the Royal Hall, featuring Catherine Gallagher from Lord of the Dance which actually looks really good… but that’s next Thursday the 16th of May, tickets prices from £22.50 and I simply cant mention it in this weeks listings.


I do a “radio” show for Harrogatealternativeradio.co.uk that goes out every Saturday at 10pm and again on Thursdays at 2pm, or if you miss that, you can listen to old shows I done on line at mixcloud.com/djtrevuk, they do have a bit of swearing in and I tend to ramble somewhat, but it’s better than listening to the voices in your head that answer your questions isn’t it? No.

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.

Trev x x x

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