Crime drops by 10% in North Yorkshire

26 April 2013

Harrogate PoliceGovernment figures have confirmed that North Yorkshire Police and its partner agencies are winning the fight against crime.

In the 12 months up to December 2012, the Office of National Statistics report shows that crime has been reduced by 10% across the force area.

This is 3,963 fewer victims of crime compared to the previous 12 months, with a total of 36,050 crimes.

Also, 67% of people who responded to a national crime survey said North Yorkshire Police deals with local concerns. While 66% agreed that the police and local councils deal with issues. This is one of the highest public confidence ratings in the country.

Broken down into the main crime categories, the crime figures show:

  • 39% reduction in robbery (76 fewer incidents, 118 in total)
  • 14% reduction in burglaries (752) fewer incidents, 4,492 in total
  • 10% reduction in theft (1,214 fewer incidents, 10,967 in total)
  • 7% reduction in violence (530 fewer incidents, 7,000 in total)
  • 12% reduction in offences against vehicle motor vehicle (415 fewer incidents, 2,951 in total)
  • 14% reduction in criminal damage (991 fewer incidents, 6,157 in total)
  • 13% reduction in drug offences (282 fewer incidents, 1,971 in total)

Sexual offences increased by 1% (6 more incidents dealt with, 599 in total). This rise is regarded as a positive reflection of the confidence victims have in North Yorkshire Police, particularly those making historical complaints.

Fraud and forgery increased by 21% with 221 more incidents dealt with – 1,280 in total.

Other crimes increased by 16% (70 more incidents deal with, 515 in total)


Tim Madgwick, Temporary Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, said:

These figures are very satisfying and demonstrate, once again, that our co-ordinated crime reduction plans remain very effective in North Yorkshire and the City of York.

They also reflect the professionalism of the organisations, groups and individuals who work so hard to keep our neighbourhoods safe and secure.

Further to this, I am very pleased to report that crime is continuing to fall as we head towards the middle of 2013. At this very point in time, Home Office data shows that North Yorkshire is ranked the lowest crime area in England.

Residents can be assured that there will be no let up on the part of North Yorkshire Police and our local authority, community safety and volunteer partners.

Collectively, we are determined to keep the pressure on the criminal fraternity and protect the quality of life in our communities.


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Julia Mulligan, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, said:

Crime reduction and protecting victims is at the very heart of my Police and Crime Plan.

The latest crime figures are therefore very encouraging and provide a key indication that North Yorkshire Police and local partner organisations are working together very well.

My aim is to drive further improvements in the service delivered by North Yorkshire Police, do even more to help victims of crime and anti-social behaviour, and improve the quality of life in our communities.

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