Valley Gardens to be splashed with stripes this Summer

29 March 2013

A Local entrepreneur is bringing back deck chairs to Harrogate’s Valley Gardens.

A license has been granted to rent Deck Chairs in park, beginning today (29 March 2013) and continuing over the Easter weekend.

The image of deck chairs scattered around the gardens was optimized in many of the Spa Town’s Victorian posters and is a measure which is expected to revive part of Harrogate’s original heritage.

Sophie Binns, Director of said:

It’s taken quite a lot of negotiations but I’m really pleased and excited that I’ll finally be able to bring deck chairs back to Harrogate.

Sitting and relaxing comfortably in a beautiful environment is certainly not as easy to come by with all the pressures of modern life. Back in the 1930’s such an activity was commonplace in the Valley Gardens,

Each deck chair has its own personality too so you get the choice whether you fancy a daydream on Doris or a nap on Norman.


Sophie Binns with MP Andrew Jones


The deck chair rental will start from as little as £1.50 an hour through to only £5 for the whole day. They will be available to hire from in front of the beautiful Sun Pavilion.

Sophie Binns added:

I am extremely pleased with the council’s decision and can think of nothing better than sitting in the sun with friends and just getting away from all the hustle and bustle!

I want locals and visitors to enjoy some of the splendour that our predecessors experienced

The colourful deckchairs will be splashed in front of the Sun Pavillion from 29th March 2013.

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  1. Great idea and a great day for the launch! Glad it went so well and look forward to the summer relaxing in a deckchair!

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